Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You've been dying to know....

I'm ready to answer more questions.  So here we go:

And I would've been in hysterical crying with Stephanie's shoulder... I was in tears just watching it on TV...and she was like "I'm fine" even when it was out of socket.  Is she a machine or what?

YES!  And I'm sad she's gone.  I've always loved her game play.  She's tough and strong...and pretty.

As long as you're asking for questions...I've always wondered about the large gaps and then smaller gaps between your children. We have large gaps between ours too, five years, but I was just curious. And the dynamics of a family with gaps???

Well our gaps are not like yours.  Jeff and I got married almost six years ago. We both came into the marriage with children from our previous marriages.  I had Ashlea, and he had Kati and Kori. All of us needed each other. We meshed perfectly.  We didn't want to be a step family and we weren't.  We are NOT.  (You didn't ask about that but I thought I'd throw that in.)

Then we decided it was time to add to our family (and we both knew we wanted to have at least one more).  That was pretty awesome and we loved our new addition and we just kept adding as God allowed.  It's been great.

Truth be told, had I been married to Jeff since I was 17 (when I had Ashlea) we'd probably have 20 children.  I LOVE children.

It's nice to have older children and then younger children.  Ashlea is, of course, the oldest, so everyone looks up to her. Millicent and Asa have always seen her like their second mom.  She spent almost as much time with them as I did.

Then there is Kori, who is essentially another first born.  She has all the characteristics...bossy and ...well bossy.  You would be laughing if you knew Kori.  She is so bossy.  HOLY COW!  She tries to take charge of every situation. Note I said try. We don't let her.  So she tries to manage the home and the younger kids.  She is really good with entertaining them and baby sitting.

Lastly, is Millicent.  She is also another first born. She has two younger ones under her and she really mothers them. She watches out for them, soothes them and tries to teach them.  She's also four so she argues and fights with them.  By them, I mean Asa.  (And her older sisters.) But mostly she's really sweet.

Also wondering why you weren't able to breastfeed Asa.

I had trouble breastfeeding Millicent and Asa.

Millicent was tongue tied and caused terrible, horrible, excruciating pain every time I nursed.  I persevered though and we had a wonderful breastfeeding relationship...but not for a long time.  I used a supplementor which you can read about here.

Asa was born early and wouldn't latch on....and whenever I could get him latched on he would fall asleep before getting full.  So we went to the SNS and I let Jeff give him a bottle.  Well, before long he went on a nursing strike.  We were done.  You can read all about that here.

Most people are able to breastfeed with no problems.  The most important things are to deliver unmedicated so the baby can immediately begin nursing. To let them nurse whenever and however long they want.  Eat and drink well the first few weeks and do not try to diet.  Even if there is a problem there is the SNS to supplement with. You can use donor milk or raw goats milk as opposed to formula....but if formula is your only option they sell organic formula. And they will still be getting some of your milk if using the supplementor.

When are you going to blog about mama cloth again? More specifically MY mama cloths.

Right now.

You can read my entire post about cloth pads here.

You may be thinking, "Oh, gross.  Michelle's gone too far."

But nope, I haven't, wait till I talk about wiping with cloth.  Then you'll know I've gone too far.

All I'm talking about is using cloth pads instead of paper.  Do you already use cloth diapers? This is the next step for you.  Don't use cloth diapers?  I double dog dare you to just try ONE, just one, cloth pad, for the first part of your period. You will see that they are more comfortable, more absorbent and less smelly.


This is a pad that Mary made for me to try out.  (Mine was pink.)  Check out her blog and Etsy shop.

I used this pad postpartum and that really put it to the test. It had a beautiful pink print and a soft material next to the skin.  My favorite part were the snaps. I experienced no leakage with this pad.  I LOVE it. I plan to get more.

If you are trying to conceive it's something to buy when you are in the two week wait.  It gives you something to look forward to if you aren't pregnant. Really!  Try it!!  Mary????  A discount for my readers????

Please do explain what you mean about the picture posting since I am fully annoyed with it right now.

If you install/sign up/download...whatever...the new blogger thingy dealy (I'm good with words, I know) then it has a new device that allows you to click inside your post and put your picture there.  WAY EASIER than before. You give up the spell check though.  Of course, if you have Firefox, they have a spell check built in.

Now to do that:

Go to settings.

Scroll down to where it says: Global settings.

Click the updated editor.

easy peasy.

Upload all your photos and type your post.  Wherever you want the picture to go, click inside the post, click the picture box and click the picture and click okay. Click. Click. Click. Thesaurus anyone?

Do you homeschool?

Yes,  we do.  I think sometime soon I'll do some more homeschool posts, but until then you can read here about what we do.

Are you planning to have more beautiful babies???

Beautiful, yes!  We are open to whatever God has in store for us; whether that be belly babies or adopted.

Are you still going to be there when/if I give birth? Were you serious about that? [Kara]

Are you kidding me?????  Of course.  I just got a doula book and am getting another one called the Birth Partner.  I want to help you!

I'm starting a new weekly tradition, as soon as I get married. It's not a question but I wanted you to know!!

Well do tell, friend.  Do tell.

That's it for today. Please comment away, ask more questions and visit links.  AND take my mama pad challenge.


Kara said...

Oh how I love your blog! You are an entertainer, pure and simple!!
My weekly tradition may have changed now that we are doing the home groups on Sunday nights. I'm trying to think of something to do on a weekly basis just as "one of those things".

Rhonda said...

I couldn't nurse two of mine. The first one and the last one. The middle one was a dream to nurse. With my oldest, I was 20 and didn't know better. It hurt like a ****** and by the end of the 3 week painful period, I had dried up.

My last one, I was so full of infection from head to toe, that it hurt so bad. All. The. Time. I couldn't breathe without being in pain. I had group A strep (it is group B they test you for) which was horrible and my whole body was full of yeast from early yeast infections that never got treated. And when the nurses on the phone would tell me to just keep going, it'll get better. This is normal. I KNEW better, because I had one difficult one and one easy one, and this was nothing like it. I gave it my all until they put me on antibiotics for the strep infection.

I cried for weeks. My other kids were 9 and 6 and I was so looking forward to nursing again. Sigh....

Mary Jo said...

Sure thing I can do a discount! So here is the deal, and you can add this to the post above, I will give your readers a 25% discount on anything in my shop until April 15th, they will need to mention your blog in the message to seller section when they make the order and I will refund the difference.