Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Act Like a MAN!

I had a great post all typed up with a quote from Russell as my title, but I lost it.  So I hope I can remember everything I wanted to say.  You all know my dilemma in watching Survivor each week, so I wont go into that, again.  But I will tell you I just now watched episode three and four.  So here are my thoughts.

Episode three:

What is up with Russell and Parvati?  Doesn't he know he will be sitting beside his WIFE (remember her Russell) and watching this when it airs?  Burying the machete was pure genius, though.  But if he keeps up these antics...he'll lose my devotion.  STOP IT!  Naughty boy!

It's good to see Coach is still just as annoying this season with his singing, and Tae Chi, and silly stories.  Oh, how I wish I could have heard the rest of the story about the boils on his face, which was very much like the story from the night before.  All hogwash. But entertaining!

What's up with the feather in his hair and then in his ear????  (I looked but I could not find a picture of it anywhere.) They should have aired how that came about.

Did you hear him talking about Parvati later, about how she captures everyone with her eyes and cuteness and rolled down bikini and blah blah blah.  And how he threw Tyson out there as being under her control because she's cute.  UM, Coach, you know he's gay right?  

Gravedigger is on 'roids...I wondered what was wrong with him and then I saw him throw the pillow thingy at that one guy who is so annoying I cant even bother to remember his name...and I knew he was on 'roids.  Why is he so angry?

I do love that the Heroes won EVERY SINGLE BATTLE.

Who is the girl in the itty bitty red bikini?  And why did she go on Survivor with her breasts popping out of her top? 

Episode four:  (Where I had to watch commercials because my now married friend had to, I don't know, paint or something, for his wife.) 

I cracked up when Coach was crying and Tyson told him to stop doing the very things I had mentioned when I was watching the previous episode; the feather and the stories.

I cant believe Russ gave up the note on accident...and what??? Sandra says its not fair???  What?  This is Survivor Sandra. Let's talk about not fair.  Russell was robbed, ROBBED, of the million dollars last season.  That's what's not fair.  Someone using the idol. Plenty fair. 

A hobbit on crack?  I resent that.  (Being of the hobbit family.)

I was glad that the villains won that challenge, mostly because Russell's stupid move would have had him voted off...and I'm just not ready for him to go yet.  But I like almost everyone on the heroes team so that was a hard choice.

I was on the edge of my seat...Colby, Tom, Colby, Tom.

WHEW I'm glad JT voted for Cirie.

Let me know your thoughts...and be sure to leave your blog address if you blogged about Survivor.


Adoption of Jane said...

I love it!!! Awesome post.. i am a survivor nut.. watched every season!! I love Russell. I am playing Blogvivor with Supahmommy and I am Russell here's the link: http://russellsupahsurvivorisland.blogspot.com/

Coach=Puke.. soooo nasty!

Noelle said...

I actually wondered if Russell and his wife split up? Maybe???

Coach is an idiot in my humble opinion and I thought voting off Cirie was awesome!

I'm still a Boston Rob fan and I still don't like Russell. :)

G-Zell said...

Oh man this is my favorite show... I love Russell I know I shouldnt but I do LOL.. I missed that part of him giving himself away , dang it RUSS get your game face on!

Oh ya the whole parvati... she is just using her cuz she has friends over there... his wife will prob be cool with it if he wins LOL..

Oh man Coach is annoying me..... he is a big baby..

ROID dude is nuts.. I can't stand him..

I love colby and is it steve.. and boston rob...

Rebecca Jo said...

OH MY GOSH... this is the best season!

I am just totally in love with Boston Rob!!! He's DA man!!!

And I seriously SCREAMED & Jumped up when Cire was voted off... LOVED they turned it on her because she WAS a force to be reckoned with... plus, I have a place in my heart for Tom & Colby... loved when Jeff totally called Rupert out for his stupid voting! HAHA!!!

Trudy said...

I just can't get into the show! I watched the first EVER Survivor that Richard Hatch won and just never went back. That was when reality tv was really just getting its' start.

I did watch the first episode of this season out of curiosity but don't know any of the 'players' and just don't care for it. I get my 'fluff' from The Bachelor and American Idol, LOL!

brooke lynn said...

oh man...we don't have cable. so sorry to be missing this.