Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your Questions answered

So I'm finally going to answer all those burning questions you had.  Okay, so there were no burning questions, just people being really nice and humoring me.  But still, I'm going to answer them all. Even questions you didn't know you were asking.  I'll spend the week answering them though, so I don't overdo my typing fingers. Uh-hm. Feel free to continue asking questions if any arise as I'm answering them.

A couple things before I get to answering them though...make that three.
  1. Did you see the episode of Heroes where Peter touches the deaf woman and gets her power? But never gets anyone else's power without making himself take them?  How are they just playing that off?
  2. I haven't seen Survivor because the friend who records it for me off and got married.  And as much as I wanted to watch it while he was on his honeymoon, I just didn't have the heart to ask him to record it.  
  3. Does anyone know how to spell check on this new Blogger format?  I love the picture options, but not the no spell check option.  Feel free to email me when I have a misspelled word.  How embarrassing.

Isn't that called being born with a caul over her face?

Yes, it is.  (Deep. I know.)

How did you get that boy?! 

I prayed, A LOT.

I know I have fears. Why, when I really know that everything will be fine?

Because Satan wants us to fear so we can't rely on God as fully.  Trust in Him.  He's given us the intuition to know if there is something wrong and the will power and strength to do this!

Was your birth unassisted, or did you have a midwife with you?

I prefer to birth unassisted.  This was my third.  My first was Millicent.  Next, at the hospital with Asa (due to pre eclampsia), we were alone most of the time and Jeff caught him.  Then Jerusha.  I LOVE it and never want to do it any other way.  That being said, we know that the hospital, doctors and midwifes can play an important role in giving birth.  That is why we sought medical care when my blood pressure started sky rocketing with Asa.  

I couldn't tell but am thinking UC because you don't mention rupturing the membranes or stitches afterward?

I never want my water broken. With Asa, every time the doctor came in she asked if she could.  Not to get all medical on you alls, but artificial rupture of the membranes is the leading cause of the umbilical cord getting caught on the outside and an emergency happening.  It's called a prolapsed cord.  Seldom happens if left alone to labor.

All that to say, I"m fine with letting it break on it's own.

No stitches.  No tearing, this time.  You should read Millicent's story though.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to change some diapers, wash some diapers, wash some clothes (don't feel bad for me, I'm only 12 loads behind), teach school while simultaneously nursing, holding and rocking a newborn, ask all my children to stop arguing with each other and control my four year old so she doesn't scream at her sisters for arguing with her, make lunch, go grocery shopping, do a Bible study, try to go to the bathroom....and I guess I should brush my teeth and hair and get dressed at some point. Then I'm going to work out. 

See you later.


Just Playin' said...

All I know is they broke my water 35 years ago and I still remember the excruciating pain!!! All was well though and that's what matters. No, can't find spellcheck! We're all in same boat there.

Mom's Place said...

With my 4th, the attending doc "accidentally" broke my water. Grrr! I break on my own perfectly fine!

Spell check...with firefox, right click to turn on the option, and misspelled words will be underlined in red. Right click on those words, and it will give you spelling options ;)

Martha said...

Nice to meet you and Thank you for stopping by my blog to say hello.
Your children are beautiful and you sure sound busy.

Noelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

You sound like super woman with all that you have to do!!! Good luck getting everything done! :)

Mrsbear said...

Holy moly, that sounds like a busy day! No wonder you have to schedule in bathroom visits. ;) And you blog. Phew.

Thanks for stopping by today. You have a lovely bunch!

Trudy said...

Due to my gestational diabetes, doc is planning to induce at 39 weeks...I'm not sure what her plan is to get things going but I am praying that Bubby will come in his own time before we have to get to that point!

God bless!

sweetjeanette said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. I'm still laughing about your um..."routine" LOL As for the quilts... I have only, in my lifetime made ONE quilt top. Notice I say top... I never quilted it. ROFL!!! But I DO collect 'em!

Ashley said...

I have some questions...how did you know you had high blood pressure with Asa? What if you go to nearly 42 weeks and not go into labor and the only thing to do would be induction? Would you keep waiting.

Holly (not Ashley)

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Oh I love it! I miss childbirth such a rush. My first was tough since I was in full back labor and just excruciating and then the twins...so had to do a c-section since Sara was breach. Love this post lady...


Lena said...

YOu are funny as always. Baby looks adorable. :)

Susie said...

Both times I had to have my water broken for me....lazy uterus!

Melissa said...

I found this answer to your spell check question:

Melissa said...

Here's where I got that link:

Anonymous said...

My oldest son prayed for 3+ years for a baby brother. He later did a paragraph for school on the power of prayer, saying,"Be careful what you pray for because when God answers prayers, he answsers abundantly. Now I have 3 brothers" (that was before the 4th brother was born. The power of prayer is amazing!

Luschka said...

I tend to write my posts in Word, then copy and paste them in to my blog, even though I'm on Wordpress. That way it spell checks, and I get to save a copy on my PC in case I ever lose everything online for whichever reason.

I meant to say on the previous post I commented on: the World Health Organisation puts pregnancy as term being up to 42 weeks, so why people start panicking about being induced at 39 or so weeks is beyond me.

But saying that, I know someone whose son died at 42+6, and she ended up with a still birth. But we will never know if he'd not have died of e.g. SIDS later? I've read that there is a link (a missing something or other) in both those who don't spontaneously birth and those who spontaneously die. Either is a horrific tragedy for the family, but it is still interesting.