Friday, March 5, 2010

Your Questions answered, again, again.


More questions answered today.  Feel free to ask any more as they arise.  This is quite fun...talking about myself.  That is why I have a blog. (You can click where it says "this post" to read the mentioned post.  Or not.  Whatever you prefer.  No pressure from me.  Certainly not.)

You have GOT to tell me how you find the time.  The secret has to be organization, right?

One might think it has something to do with organization but I'm not quite sure that's the key.  It's a mix of things.  Delegation, overlooking things and focusing on what's important, and organizing.

Delegation entails letting the children do whatever they are capable of doing to free up your time.  I have a child who cleans the living room and one who cleans the kitchen.  They all help fold laundry and will occasionally throw in a load. They older ones do their own laundry.

I overlook a lot too.  If there is a mess on the floor and it's time to fix lunch, the mess stays or gets partly cleaned up as time allows, OR I delegate.  (See how that works?)  I DO NOT have time to do everything, every day.  But if I've done school and spent time with my kids and everyone is fed, I'm good. I'm satisfied.  Whatever else gets done, bonus.

Lastly, I am quite organized.  But since the baby has come I can't say I've been functioning at 100%.  Usually I have specific laundry days, like I start diapers on Sunday night, Tuesday night and Thursday night.  They soak overnight and then I wash the next day.  Clothes get washed on certain days.  Shelves are labeled; school is scheduled; everything is on a calendar including the meals.

Your children are adorable - and I'm so impressed you are still blogging, how do you find the time and energy???

This is is just like the previous one...except for the adorable children comment.  But I had to include it because, well, you've seen my kids!

I make time...I decide what is important.  Reading to Asa five times in the morning (one book, five times) trumps blogging.  Building legos with Asa trumps folding laundry.  Holding Asa on my lap trumps, well everything, because he won't stop begging me until I hold him. Seeing a theme here?  Asa is very demanding.

I just make my children my priority.

Energy?  Coffee, girl, just coffee. And I've learned to function on minimal sleep.

Want a goat?

Actually yes, I do.  We had two male goats for a while and they were mostly trouble.  But I would love some milking goats and some babies.  Bring them!

And could your daughter be ANY cuter????  [In reference to Millicent.]

NO!  She could not be.  She's got cute covered.

Do you think this season is a little fixed? I mean, Russell found the idol, the fighting. It just seems a little too unreal. But I hope it's like this all season.  [Referring to last season.]

NO!  What are you crazy?  Reality shows aren't fixed.  At least not Survivor. Nothing is scripted, AT ALL. And it's exactly like it seems. They never try to make people look bad or good depending on how the producers feel. NEVER.

Don't you just adore being pregnant?!

Yes, I do, until I get to the end and then I'm just ready to get on with the delivery.  Which I generally look forward to...I wouldn't say adore would be the right word for that though.

Do you think it is her personality or just that she is close to the end and a little bit of a kid that knows her mind?  [In reference to Millicent in this post.]

OH YEAH, this girl is a whippersnapper.  She has her very own distinct style that matches her personality. And she DEFINITELY knows her own mind, and you absolutely cannot convince her otherwise.

And just because birth is one of my favorite topics:

I have read in several of your blog posts that you don't cut the cord immediately and then in this interview they waited to cut the cord . What is the purpose in waiting?

It's two-fold my dear now married friend who hopefully will be experiencing her own birth with me right there beside her in about nine (ten) months.

One, as long as you don't cut the cord you buy yourself time for the baby to start breathing. They are still getting oxygen on the cord.  This will generally prevent the baby from being whisked away to get extra oxygen artificially.

Also, according to many studies they need the extra blood that is in the cord.  I wont go into all the scientifics in this...just trust me, trust me and borrow my birth books.  The extra blood is important, it helps reduce jaundice and anemia. So you wait until it is "dead", until it stops pulsing and then you cut it. 

See you on Monday with an interview with a friend about her very God-led births.


Megan said...

I work with a guy who is having a baby in July and apparently now they do a thing where you can save the umbilical cord and it can be really useful in the child developes cancer or some other diseases. It was a really interesting discussion over lunch about whether he should do it.

BrambleRose said...

Thanks for the info about the cord!

That would have helped tremendously with my second, who decided to not breathe right away.

I will remember this for next time!

Mesina said...

I didn't know that about the cord! My other half and I are expecting our fourth baby in April via c-section (I so wish it was natural!) I wonder if they wait to cut it then? You know I will have to ask the midwife!
Great post :)

G-Zell said...

I so wish I was organized... like you.. I try but it is just crazy.. I really need discipline LOL

My boyfriend's dad lives on 5 acres.. and I wish he had some goats for milk now that would be interesting.

Your baby is adorable as with all your kids.. :)

Summer said...

I need your help with organization! =)

As for being pregnant....I'm done with that so you take the reigns! lol

電腦 said...

Circumstances are the rulers of the weak, instrument of the wise.........................................

Just Playin' said...

Good answers! Loved learning about the cord...did not know that! Stay helps so much and your priorities are perfect. You've got life by the tale. Enjoy it!