Friday, March 19, 2010

Last day of St. Patricks Day fun

The kids LOVED the clovers yesterday.  Once Millicent got started she wanted to do more and more.  She sat coloring the filters and spraying them long after we had moved on.  These can be done for any occasion using any colors. 

The beards were fun too.  Even Millicent could tie them on.  (The perfectionist in her rose up and she ended up untying them ALL because they were uneven and only doing back a few.)  This could also be done at any time with any colors.

While I was taking pictures of the girls this morning Asa wanted me to take a picture of his bowl of oatmeal.  ????

And just because she's cute not because she asked. 

Last days activities.  But if you feel like you didn't get enough done on Wednesday, pick a few to do today or tomorrow to have more fun.


  • Paper shamrock at Under the table and Dreaming
  • Hunt for gold coins at Jesse Kate 
  • Or have them find the gold coins in the trap like the Leprechaun lost them 
  • Mint shake
    • 2 cups milk
    • 1 banana
    • 1/2 C mint ice cream
    • little green food coloring to make it nice and green


    Trudy said...

    Mmm..the shake sounds yummy! Such a fun week for you all. Thanks for sharing all of the great ideas.

    That Jerusha just keeps growing! How dare she?

    Have a blessed weekend Michelle!

    G-Zell said...

    LOL I love the beards... and the oatmeal :)

    Your baby is gorgeous!

    Chocolateer said...

    These are awesome ideas! I think next year I will definitely encourage the kids to build a Leprechaun trap!

    Anonymous said...

    Hello. And Bye.

    Mammatalk said...

    Gotta earmark this for next year!

    Mom's Place said...

    How fun!!!!!
    Gotta try the shake!