Monday, February 8, 2010

Show and Tell

Frankly I'm surprised that I still have followers.

First, we had a blizzard and our internet went out.

Then I had a baby and didn't feel like blogging.

Just when I started getting back into the swing of blogging, we have an ice storm that knocks out our electricity for a week.

But I am back. For what it's worth.

This update is picture heavy....I have a lot to show you.

I just thought this was so pretty. This is when we left our house the day after the electricity went out. We have a gas furnace that was heating two rooms. Since that was all that was being heated, the kids slept in the adjoining bedroom on the twin size beds, while I slept in a recliner with Jerusha, and Jeff slept on the floor with Asa. Can you say we are old? Jeff can't. It wasn't all that comfortable.

This was pretty much the sight every where we went. (If you spell sight "site" does that mean you spend too much time on the internet? At least I caught it before I posted it.)

We finally landed at the in-laws. This is from their backyard. Their trees, including a small fruit orchard, were decimated. Their gas fireplace kept the whole house warm. Thank you parents! They were so kind to us! We slept in beds and mom cooked us meals. (It's the little know like food and beds and heat.) We tried to clean up after ourselves as much as possible. (If you have five kids you know that it isn't much.)

Meanwhile my younger kids were absolutely crazy and cranky and crying and not sleeping. WHEW! It was CHAOS.They do not take kindly to having the electricity off.

The first night when it got dark at our house Asa wanted the lights on. When we told him they were broken, he started screaming at us to fix them.

He caught on quickly though.

At Papa's, when he asked if he could watch TV, I told him the TV was broken.

He said, "New TV."

We thought that was pretty smart of him to figure out. When TV was restored he screamed "Wonder PETS!!!" That's his favorite show.

I was working on showing my big kids with their new sibling...but I'm past that. But for the relatives who may care about seeing Ashlea and Kori, here you go. They aren't funny, so I'm not doing an interview.

To be fair, this was taken a few days ago. Ashlea's picture from holding Jerusha, at five in the morning, wasn't the most flattering.

Ashlea is a baby hog. After her siblings are born, she expects to hold them until they need me back. They are all wide awake and alert and she uses that time to bond with them.

I made this cake. It's a purse for those who don't have imaginations. And I tried to put things in it that you might find in a girls purse. Candy, make up, gum, spray of some sort.

Kori made the compacts of make up.

That thing over there on the left with the M and M's. Well that's a cell phone.

Don't hate.

Here's a better view but without the purse straps, that really just gave that extra boost it needed. Don't you think?

Don't hate.

(And hey, it was my first time.)

Here is my Ash. Pregnant with my granddaughter.

YEP! I'm going to be a grandmom..and I look so young, I know! I'm only 50. Kidding. Just kidding. I'm 29. Okay, okay. Thirty-six. I had her young.

One of the things I was going to do this year was spend a month documenting ordinary events in our lives. I was going to take a picture a day and scrapbook each week, for the month of February. I figured I could keep up because it's so short. HA!

I stink at taking a picture a day. I keep forgetting.

This picture was when we didn't have electricity and Asa spent a lot of time playing with the Little People at Mimi's. (And no, I don't mean myself, smarty pants.)

I know I'm good. Don't hate.

That's it for the pictures. But I have more to say.

I'm feeling great. Today I decided to start losing my baby weight...babies weights. Uh-hm. Weight.

So I worked out. Hey, did you know that there is an entire channel devoted to work outs? I did one this morning until my legs felt like rubber. Tonight I'm going to take the kids swimming and then do a leg workout with weights or whatever they have.

And I'm watching what I eat.

I'm following the Body for Life diet. Except I'm not.

My body is recovered, mostly, from giving birth though.

Jerusha is still fantastic. We love her to pieces. She is nursing and gaining well. I have lots of milk. And that is just wonderful. I love nursing. I pray this continues and I never have to supplement. I am taking DPD but I don't know how much is me and how much is it. Either way...I'm happy with my results.

We are getting back into the schedule and school and routines. It helps everyone stay focused. (And by focused I mean, out of my hair...just kidding. I mean less disobedient and whiny and crying and complaining. Is it just me? Or do your kids get that way too?)

Today my goal is to show love to my family. No irritation, no records of wrongs.

When the electricity went off some of my favorite shows didn't get recorded. LAME. Now I'm trying to find them online, so I can watch the ones I missed and go back to watching them on TV. Any suggestions?

We just finished the last season of Heroes. OH HOLY COW! It makes my brain hurt. I could watch it from season one all over again and still not catch everything.

Next up is Lost from two seasons ago.

AND SURVIVOR starts, what? This Thursday. THIS THURSDAY??? Can that be right????? Rupert and Russell on the same show. I cannot wait. I'll be rooting for them both. I'll be back soon with my guesses.

I have a four year old who started sucking her thumb a few months ago. I feel bad about making her stop...I mean, if she started spontaneously sucking her thumb she must need the comfort right? This from a girl who nursed until she was three and a half and never slept alone. So what's up?

Here's our little Ju Ju Bean from a few days ago.

Well I have laundry to do and a journal entry for Jerusha and water to drink and I need a potty break and to make Millicent get ready for the day and to brush Asa's teeth....a mother's work is never done. Come over and help.


Stam House said...

Wow lots going on!!! How far along is Ash and how old is she?

What a precious baby you have!!!



Beverly said...

Ash look so young. Grangrats on being a grandma.
The baby is a doll!!!!

Tara H. said...

WHAT???? ASHLEA IS PREGNANT? OH My GOODNESS!!!!!! when is she due?

LivinginLilliput said...

How old is Ashlea? I have an 18 yr. old and I had her young also.

Love all the pictures! :)
I think you did great on the cake! Great job mama!! :)

Kara said...

Loved this post! Missed chatting with you at church yesterday. :( That pic of Ashy-girl is cute.
We need another dinner date!! I enjoyed ours so much.

tori said...

whew! that made me tired just reading it! congrats on being a grandma! wow! that's incredible!

Casey said...

Wow, you have a lot of stuff happening! Your new addition is sooo pretty and congrats on your grandbaby! The pictures of the ice and snow are amazing!

Trudy said...

Glad to hear all is well and that you are doing ok! Jerusha is beautiful and growing already!

Mom's Place said...

Congrats on being a grandma soon!!! Does she want to home birth also?
Tell you what, I'll come help you, if you come help me! Thanks for the update! I was wondering how you were doing!!

Yara said...

swimming? What??? ISn't it like, freezing over there?
You are insane. But I love ya.

Melissa said...

Glad you made it through the ice storm! And I like your cake. Good job.

Twincerely,Olga said...

great post and pics!!!your kids are gorgeous!!!congats on going to be Grandma!!!:)

[johannah.] said...

What?!?! Where is the post I blogged for you?!

adrienzgirl said...! Congrats Grandma. My daughter is 18 and pregnant too. Go read my post from Monday. I am excited about the baby. She has asked us to raise her baby. She isn't ready to be a mommy yet. So I get to grandma and mom all at the same time. Challenge for sure, but I am up for it.

That ice storm looks dreadful!