Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy birthday Millicent

My little Mill is four years old. OH how the time flies. I almost cannot believe it. You can read her birth story here.

Minutes after she was born.

In her first outfit that Mimi bought her, waiting for company.

Millicent was such a sweet, docile baby. Very much like Jerusha is. She seldom cried, slept easily and was an all around joy. (Very much UNLIKE Asa.)

About four and a half months old.

Millicent pretty much smiled all the time. One of the times she would cry was when her daddy came home. She wanted him to pick her up so badly that she would literally start crying until he held her. Why didn't she just crawl or walk over to him? Don't you know? Millicent (and Asa) didn't walk for a long time! A year came and went and Millicent still wasn't walking. Not until fourteen months or so did she decide taking steps might get her around. She didn't crawl until she was almost a year.

Those eyes!

Her face was so cute with those massive eyes that people would stop me where ever I went to tell me how pretty she was. THEY STILL DO! It usually stops when babies get to be about one or one and a half...but nope, not with her. I still, regularly, get comments on her EYES.

Here she is announcing to the world that she is about to be a big sister.

She is also an amazing big sister. From the time Asa was born she was a little mommy. Even more so now with Jerusha. Neither of them are ever allowed to cry. She takes it as her job to soothe them. And she also loves to play with dolls. All the time! Just ask her sisters who are suppose to play with her.

Here she is last week...I'm positive she was up to something based on that face.

She brings us all joy. She is funny...such a jokester. She doesn't take anything seriously...hello, Jeff. If you ask her what hand is her left, she will tell you her right, and laugh and laugh about it. If you ask her to get you a green bowl, she'll get you yellow.

She's really smart too. She is learning to read, pretty much on her own. I'm helping by teaching her letters and their sounds. And she's doing her part by asking me what this word says.

She is a wonderful little artist. I mean, the girl amazes me. She can trace anything perfectly, color perfectly in the lines, and create just about anything.

She's a keeper.



Mom's Place said...

Awwww! Happy Birthday Millicent!

Luschka said...

What a lovely tribute to your little girl! Happy birthday from the UK!

Trudy said...

Happy Birthday to Millicent!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Happy Birthday!! How cute is she!??!!? And her birth! I couldn't fathom having a baby on my own--I'd die! I'm such a baby!

LivinginLilliput said...

Happy Birthday Millicent!!:)

Twisted Cinderella said...


brooke lynn said...

happy birthday cutie patootie! :)

McVal said...

Happy birthday to Millicent! What a beautiful girl!

Casey said...

What a sweet post about your daughter. I recently found your blog and I am enjoying it. I think it is because I have my own quiver! I am going to take your blog button and add to my blog!

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