Friday, January 8, 2010

A labor update

Well, thanks for hanging out with me for today's featured attraction. I'm quite positive I am in labor.

We have no hot water, so we are moving this show down the road. My mother in law, ever so kindly, has agreed to let me birth my baby in her bathtub. Sweet, right? I think I'll let her clean up afterwards. Kidding...Jeff will!

So we are gathering up all our supplies, and our multiple children, and some boxes of pizza and heading out.

My contractions are not real regular...which is actually regular for me. They are ranging from 10-12 minutes apart and lasting about 45-50 seconds. They have been increasing in intensity. They are currently ranging from a 2-3 with every other contraction, alternating to a 5-6 (pain level).

More bloody show.

I'm ready to go.


Making Footprints said...


Melissa said...

Good luck!

Stam House said...

will be waiting for more update!!!!

Nessa said...

Keep us posted and have an amazing delivery welcoming your little one into the world!

adrienzgirl said...

Oh goody!!!!! Baby soon!! :D