Friday, January 8, 2010

I may be in labor...maybe? Hopefully.

Thought I would update, for anyone paying attention.

Here is what's going on. As you may remember I've had weeks of prodromal labor. Several times I was sure I was in I hesitate to even post this again. You are going to be all...that Michelle doesn't even know what labor is.

BUT...that's why I said, maybe.

Today I took some herbs, that are suppose to help even out the braxton hicks contractions and to stimulate the uterus to more real work, along with a homeopathic. They are all suppose to work together to get me going.

Then an hour later I had two really good OPENING contractions. I don't have any idea if those two things were related or if it was just time to do some real work.

Went to the bathroom and found bloody show. (Going to the bathroom a lot...well, as I already mentioned, is a good sign.) Bloody show is a sign that labor is eminent. For my births, I have that right as I'm going into labor and for a few hours after I start.

Since then I have been having decent intensity contractions about 15 minutes apart. They have now gotten a little closer together, even though I've been laying down.

So who knows????

The bad thing is that our pipes froze last night. OOPS! So if you are reading this, pray we have warm water for my birth. And if you aren't reading this...why aren't you?

I'll update as I know more.


brooke lynn said...

the homeopathic remedies really helped my labor too.
can't wait to see pics of the beautiful baby asap!

Stam House said...

hoping and praying that thing will be going well. Keep us updated!!!

How are you feeling?

Misty M. said...

Yay! Yours is the only blog I have been checking since I had my baby Monday. Can't wait to hear all about the new little one! Sounds like it will be soon.
Take Care!

Stacey said...

Yay! Let's pray that this is real :) And for those pipes!! Sending warm thoughts your way...

Jen said...

How exciting! I hope it's the real deal. Nothing worse than sitting around like a ticking time bomb. I hope you get plenty of warm water! Keep us posted!

Stam House said...

so any new yet! are the pipe working! do you have access to water did the midwife come? Pray tell us!!!

Mrs. Mommie Strain said...

oh.. do share what herbs. IM SO READY to have my baby .. they have scheduled my c-section but im so miserable.. you can email me them if you dont want to share on here..