Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kati and Jerusha

Me: Tell me about the day Jerusha was born.

Kati: Me and Kori and Millicent and Ashlea and Asa went over to Mimi's. We had pizza and played with [our cousins]. Then we came home and went straight to bed with reading. (So everyone went except mom and dad? And then STRAIGHT to bed, except for staying up to read. Thanks for being so clear.)

The next morning we came out of our rooms. I came downstairs to watch cartoons. Daddy said, "Kori, wait right here for just a minute." (Why did he tell Kori to wait right there? She was sitting on the couch.)

And he brought out Jerusha and I got to hold her first. (Very true.)

Me: Tell me something that was different about the day Millicent was born.

Kati: Millicent was born in the evening and Jerusha was born in the middle of the night. (So very true...)

Me: Tell me something you like about Jerusha.

Kati: She's calm and cute. (Again, very true. And much like Mill's comments and Asa's.)

Me: What do you like best about being a big sister to three little ones?

Kati: That they all look up to me. And wrestle with me. (Yes, watching Jerusha wrestle with Kati is quite entertaining.)

Me: What's something you want to teach them?

Kati: How to be mature. (Kati please stop talking so much.)

Me: What's something you like doing with them?

Kati: Wrestling. (Yes, today's deep thoughts.)


Mom's Place said...

LOL! Love it! I will have to interview my kids sometime! It would be interesting to see what they come up with!

Yara said...

And he brought out Jerusha and I got to hold her first.

So sweet : )

EMILY G. said...

LOVE IT!!! you have the greatest kids!!!

Luschka said...

Oh! That's too cute!

tori said...

so, so sweet!

Twincerely,Olga said...

aww!! so cute and a great idea!

Trudy said...

That is very sweet...what a great big sister!