Monday, December 14, 2009

Advent - 11 Days until Christmas

I'm such a bad blogger...I said I would remember to put up all the weeks Advent activities, even on Sunday, in case you are following along, and of course I forgot. Oh well. Still love me?

Saturday was:

Look at lights in Chickasha

I'm sure a nearby town has a festival of lights. You know what I mean. You wait in line for an hour and a half and then it takes ten minutes to drive through. But hey, it's a tradition, and the lights are really good. The kids enjoyed it. Asa was practically climbing out the window. HE LOVED it. Next year, we will walk. It will make it last longer and it will be more fun.

Sunday was:

Wear red and green

Not pink and purple, or white and blue, but red and green. Just thought I'd explain that to you. You know, Christmas colors and all.


Live nativity scene

The Jingle Bell dance is fun, but honestly this one can be quite boring. HOWEVER, I feel like it's important to remember the reason we are celebrating (even if Jesus wasn't actually born in December). Don't tell Jeff, but tonight he's going to be the donkey and I'm going to be Mary. That will liven it up.

Yesterday Kori sang an amazing song at church. As soon as I figure out how to get it off my video camera I will post it to my blog.

Most of the day I was having pretty painful back labor. This was not like regular labor or BH contractions. This HURT. So I'm pretty sore today and hoping it doesn't start up again. The baby is engaged, but I guess it could be the wrong direction and that's what all that action was. I'll keep you updated.

How are things at your place?


Twincerely,Olga said...

Hi! We love looking at lights too! your almost there!!!yeay!!Stop by

Mom's Place said...

We Love looking at lights! The city here has an awesome light display along the river walk. That will be next Tuesday evening while my parents are here!

Our church did a live Nativity Friday night, a few of my girls participated in that!

Trudy said...

Living nativities are wonderful and we will be out for the Christmas light drive next weekend!

Sorry to hear about the back trouble...hope you're feeling better soon.

Things are great here...started feeling baby move last week..woohoo!