Thursday, October 22, 2009

Writer's workshop--I AM a mom

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The Prompts:

1.) Create a list of playground dos and don'ts.

Don't cuss in front of my children.

Do take a cigarette break and by that I mean, wait till you get to your home to pollute your own air.

Do teach your kids to be nice.

And while you are at, do teach them some manners.

Don't forget that other kids are playing and your kids don't own the playground.

(Am I the only one who has these problems?)

2.) Describe what makes you want to live a life with passion.

Jesus Christ

3.) Write a poem describing who you are and/or who you are not.

Life couldn't be better for me
I'm as happy as a tree
Standing so tall and proud
The wind through me leaves, so loud.

I am happy, joyful and free.
I am blessed and always will be.
I am not lonely or sad,
For God's mercy I've had.

Words do not express who I am in Christ. And you know how good I am at poetry.

4.) Describe how motherhood has changed you.

5.) Describe how you are hoping motherhood will change you?

I'm hoping I will become more loving, easy going and patient.


Describe how motherhood has changed you.

I would say the two biggest things, although there are so many, is that I am more giving and loving.

I've always been pretty selfish, do in part because I never really had much. So I hung on to everything. Now I've come to accept that it's all God's anyway and I don't mind sharing it.

It's kind of hard not to share when you have children. They want whatever food you are eating and whatever seat you are sitting on and your favorite pillow. They want your lap and both your hands. Whatever book you are reading or the pen you are writing with. The blanket you are covered up with because you are freezing is always a desired object, even though they are SO not cold. They want all your time and attention.

That's the easy part though. I don't mind sharing my time and attention, most of the time. I enjoy reading to them and having them on my lap and cuddling them to sleep and nursing them whenever they want to nurse. I was so selfish when I first became a parent. Things like sleep were very important to me. Now I care more about my children getting time with me. Even if that means I only sleep a few hours a night. (Yes, that will my life in a few months.)

I did not come from a demonstrative family so I didn't grow up giving and receiving love of any kind. So it is foreign to me to express my love for my family in the way they receive it. Some like me to tell them, others like me to show them. I step out of my comfort zone regularly so my family knows I love them.

I try to affirm who they are with words of encouragement. I try to pat or rub them and hug them. Although, hugging is the hardest for me. It does not come easy. But it does grow me out of my comfort zone. Saying, "I love you" isn't always easy either, but I challenge myself to say it often to my family.

For me, I show love through acts of bad all my family doesn't receive it that way. How easy life would be. But, no, God has given me children with all different needs, different from my own, to teach me. So I'm grateful that I can grow and learn still.


~Kara~ said...

Yay! I'm the first comment on today's blog!! I understand the difficulty of your past and the "showing love" issues. I think you are doing a great job and with God's help and guidance you will be exactly what you want and what He wants you to be as a mother.
I love you and love reading your blog!! <3

Yara said...

you're so wonderful & doing a great job with your kids
and I'm sure they know you love them... but it's awesome you step out of our comfort zone to tell them/show them

ps I want a hug when we see each other... okay?

adrienzgirl said...

You are just such a beautiful bright light!

Tooj said...

You're right...and I don't know why it took that simple statement of yours to make me realize..."different needs, different from my own"....yes, indeed. That is a perfect way for me to view my little 18 month old. My 5 year old and I "get one another", but the babe and I have had a harder time. We're working on it, and this little trigger might help me out even more. Thank you.

Blog hopping over from "The Adamis" and Helen. Happy Friday.

{leah} said...

The picture of your kids and husband is really cute!

Mama Kat said...

Well they seem very happy!! So just keep doing what you're doing. :)