Friday, October 23, 2009

Survivor, Survivor, Oh Survivor

This is the worst season of Survivor I've ever, I mean, not seen. That's the ticket. I'VE NOT SEEN this season of Survivor.

And while I'm at it...


Yea. That's about it.

I still can't stream Survivor off CBS...and what's up with it not being on Youtube????? At least I could watch it...even though it took me about two hours. I didn't mind, much. At least I was watching. Now, NOTHING.

I just miss you Survivor, Jeff Probst, Crazy Russell, the girl with the mop hairdo (I really like you lady).

NO ONE TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS...I'm several episodes behind, but haven't given up yet.


Mom's Place said...


They have a 2009 survivor: Samoa... not sure if that's the current one you are referring to as I don't watch. Anyways, they have 8 full episodes there:

adrienzgirl said...

Aww....I'm sorry! :(

My DirectTV works. What is wrong with your?

Mom's Place said...

Because I love reading stuff from my new friend, I have given you an award!! Come check it out!