Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Biggest Loser is the Biggest Tearfest

And I mean me.

I have never seen a whole season of this show. Occasionally we would watch part of an episode just to see how much weight they lost. But I can't recall having seen a whole episode.

I read someone's blog post on how good the show was and decided to catch an episode. Sure enough, I really liked it. So I started DVRing it and watching it.

Last night...

One lady revealed that she had lost her entire family; her husband, five year old daughter and newborn son, in a car accident. While she was in the hospital...and felt like she should have been with them.

Another lady revealed that she had watched her mom shoot up heroin right in front of her and that she hid in a closet while her mom had men in her hotel room.

WOW! I gotta be honest....I was glad it was over so I could stop crying. HOW BLESSED I AM. Every minute of that mom's time (at the end of the show) was just heartbreaking.

Since I'm already talking about the show, I'll go ahead and tell you the rest of what I think.

What's up with the man boobs? EWE! Yes, I know they are losing weight...but still. Put on a shirt. EWE!

And really...they can't let any of the women wear shirts? Really? I could never go on the show because of that. It's humiliating. Hasn't anyone said, I'm not going up there in my bra...or if you are a man, I'm going up there in my bra.

What is up with all the commercials??????

It motivates me. I can't lose 12 lbs in a week...and I would love to do something like that with a friend. It does make me want to get fit. I sat here last night trying to figure out how we can take three little ones on a bike. Jeff has a stroller for the back of his but we will have a newborn too...anyone ever bike ride with a baby in a sling? Doesn't sound safe, does it?


Mom's Place said...

Baby week! Fun!!! I make memory cans filled with goodies! I could do up a blue, pink, and neutral one! In fact...I think I already have some of each of those still!

BrambleRose said...

I don't think a sling would e good, but know they make toddler carriers - do they do the same for infants?

Thena said...

No, riding a bike with a sling doesn't sound safe. Why not just push a stroller until he gets older.

adrienzgirl said...

Oooo...baby. Sling. Bike. No! Just no! Don't do that!

I can't watch those shows. I can't take the crying. My heart hurts too much when I watch reality shows with those types of stories. My sister watches Intervention, and apparently it's a tearfest too.

I don't do Oprah, or Dr. Phil, Oz, none of it. Too much reality. I watch t.v. to escape some of the reality of the world in which we live. I know that those shows are often inspiring and uplifting, but they are also often laden with despair and heartbreak. Nope. Not for me.

Rhonda said...

This would be so awesome to do! I'm active enough, but I just can't control what i shove in my face. I. Have. NO. CONTROL.

It almost frightens me.

And yeah, man boobs and back rolls get me dry heaving EVERY time! lol