Monday, August 31, 2009

Please stop bothering me before I take out a hit on you

Superlambananas Take Over Liverpool

SM度チェッカー said "あなたのSM度をかんたん診断、SM度チェッカーで隠された性癖をチェック!真面目なあの娘も夜はドS女王様、ツンデレなあの子も実はイジめて欲しい願望があるかも!?コンパや飲み会で盛り上がること間違いなしのおもしろツールでみんなと盛り上がろう"

Now I don't read or speak Japanese. But I have a funny feeling what this really says is:

"I'm trying to annoy you until you start screaming and pulling out your hair and put your comments on moderation. And then I win, because I beat you into doing what I told you to do in my own native language that you can't read."

Sound right? Because I'm just about to put comment moderation on.

SMfunnysymbol funnysymbol please stop spamming me. I don't like it.

Thank you and goodbye.


Trudy said...

I don't get it...why would somebody even do that? I hope it stops because I can't stand comment moderation, and I'm sure you can't either, LOL!

Stephanie Faris said...

I wish we could block commenters here as we could on MySpace. Of course, it's not normally as necessary here!

tori said...

can you copy and paste it in one of those translator website thingies? it would drive me crazy to not know what it says!

Ashley said...

Anata no SM degreesをかんたんdiagnosis, SM degreesチェッカーで隠sexual addictionをされたッチェク!あなのもthe true face of Mother Night Queen様はドS,ツンデレなの子もあイMinoruジめはしていdesire to want to ka mo ga aru! ?コンやAiluropoda drink willでみがru-sheng ri on the inter-offendersいなことしツのおもしろールでみんなとろがうSheng ri on the...sounds like spam, no?

Holly (not Ashley, sorry...lazy)

Lisa Anne said...

Maybe it's spam!

Grissell said...

This is a message from someone? Wow irritating!

Your Eldest said...

So, it is Japanese but it does not make sense. Here's what it says in English "Your degree of SM the can it is it is checking the natural disposition which is hidden with diagnosis and the degree of SM checker! The serious that daughter and as for the night [do] S queen, [tsundere] that child to tell the truth there is [iji] [me] [te] desired wish whether!? Rising in the party and drinking meeting you are not wrong everyone it probably will rise funny with the tool" Maybe you know what they're refering to though. Anyways. Just tryin to help.

Michelle said...

Oh no, Ashlea, it all makes sense to me. Especially the part about my degree of SM. Because I was just talking to dad about that last night. How interesting that this dude knew that.


Of course I have no idea what this is about. LOL.

Thanks for trying to interpret it though. Now could you kindly find the mullet head who is doing this and ask them to cease?

I know it's Hannah.

I'm still just over here laughing that you think I might actually know what they are referring to. DO YOU? LOL

Yara said...

um, I am 99% sure you can block someone from your blog. Go play in your dashboard and figure it out.
Stop the insanity!

On the other hand, I had to LAUGH at the fact you keep getting Japanese comments. HAHAHAHA
Only you, my dear, only you.

Now excuse me, my house is too cold now.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Oh dear, I'm sorry! But that is really funny! I put moderation on long time ago for weird stuff like that!