Thursday, July 16, 2009

Writer's workshop-Three dirty little secrets

The Prompts:

1.) Ask A Dad! Write a letter asking your husband for advice regarding any issue you might have and record his answer.
This prompt would just take too much time and effort so I'm not doing it. Although I'm sure the answers would be great if I did it.

2.) Describe a situation that forced you to confront a neighbor.
I don't have any neighbors where I live now and I've never had to confront one when I did. And even if I did have a need to confront a neighbor I wouldn't have because I hate confrontations. Who came up with these lame prompts?

3.)Tell us about Grandpa.
Well I have one really old Grandpa and one dead Grandpa.

4.) Which appliance in your home would you most miss living without if you had to live without.
Does the computer count as an appliance? What about the TV? No? Okay, the refrigerator. Can you imagine having to kill what you were going to eat each day before eating it. Or even if we were living in this time and could go to the grocery store we would only be able to buy each days food and put it on a cooler. We are lucky!

5.) What are three things we would love to know about you!


What are three things we would love to know about you.

I can't promise you will love to know these things about me. But I'm going to tell you some deep dark secrets.

I hate brushing my teeth. I always have. It gets infinitely worse when I'm pregnant. I have a bad, bad gag reflex when I'm pregnant so when I brush my teeth I often find myself gagging. That makes me not want to brush even more. If I were to be honest I might tell you that I sometimes go several days without brushing. But I'm not going to be that honest today. Instead I'm going to lie and tell you that I brush my teeth every single day, twice a day. Even when I'm pregnant.

I hate taking baths. No real reason. Well yes there is. The biggest reason is that my husband leaves me presents in the bath tub. Hairy presents. I hate hair. So I have to clean out the bathtub of all the hair. But that's not all. The bath tub is always dirty so I have to clean out the dirt too. So by the time I get the bath tub all cleaned out, I'm too tired to take a bath. You know, I just want to get IN the bathtub and take a bath. Is that asking too much? So there's that and the fact that getting in the bathtub is also a lot of work. Get undressed. Take a bath. Wash your hair. Gotta condition it. Then scrub your body. Some baby is at the door begging to take a bath with you or asking you where their clothes are. Then dry off. Then dry off the floor because invariably someone has moved the mat from the bathroom floor and it is nowhere to be found. Then get dressed.

I haven't done laundry all week. EVERY SINGLE DAY this week I have had a migraine. I don't have one right now. So today I will do laundry. But if you visit me you might find out that I have laundry, clean but not folded, in several places throughout my house. There are two baskets of partially folded clothes in the school room. There is a chair with unfolded laundry in the living room and there are various and sundry baskets with clean partly folded laundry in several other rooms. At any given time everyone has clean clothes in one of those places. Here is the funniest part. JEFF WILL NOT EVER look in any of those places for clean clothes, either for himself or his children. Funny huh? Yes, it really cracks me up too. Especially when I have a migraine and can barely move without pain radiating down my neck...and I have to bend over the clothes to find Asa a shirt. That's my favorite time. I'm going to hire someone. That's the ticket. EXACTLY. For some reason my children do not ever want to help I'll hire someone. Then all the laundry will not only be washed but it will be folded, hung up and put away. Who needs to make a couple dollars?

What about your dirty (or clean clothes) secrets?

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Jennifer said...

Yep, I haven't done my laundry either :) That's why there's a door on my laundry room...nobody has to know ;)

Trudy said...

God bless you for your honesty. It's tough but doesn't it feel good? I'm not much of a bath person either, though I do like a bubble bath once in a while. I always have to shower after a bath though, I mean think about're just lying there in your own filth, how could you possibly be cleaner when you get out?

We also have lots of clean (and dirty) laundry in baskets around the apartment. I think a lot of our things get overwashed because we can't remember what was clean and what was dirty!

The Royal Family said...

I miss the internet, my comp crashed and I finally am back !YEAH~!!!!

I have the same laundry problem, I had a babysitter here yesterday and if she wasn't late like she was I was going to tell her to fold it and put it away... that's what neices are for aren't they? but I didn't get time I just had to run out the door, so instead i get home to hear how cute the clothes are she went through them... well Why didn't you fold why you were looking! GRRRR

I have piles in nearly every room clean but not folded... or folded and not put away depends on ther oom. I need to do this meme... but I have a lot to catch up on first.

Come enter my giveaway this week for girly hair bows and things, and I am headed off to enter yours!

The Buzz,

Yara said...

my husband just told me to call the cleaning service (I guess he is trying to make up for the other thing we emailed about)
BUT we need to get rid of a desk in the girls room, that is where most of the mess is. And also, clothes that I didn't put away right away & then we were gone for the weekend & now there are ants even though we have sprayed so many times! So this weekend either I go to disneyland or I supervise a deep cleaning. and then maybe next week I will have the cleaning service come & make the house all shiny again.
oh and I need to put up gates to keep Kevin contained in whichever room I want him in, AND it works for the girls too! Muah hahahaha

Beulah said...

I'm working on that laundry problem right now my self. i can finally see my ottoman again, but 95% of the clothes I put away are really wrinkly.

And I would love to come help. We could have lunch and tea, and the kids could all play, but it's an awful long drive. =)

And considering my own laundry situation I don't know that I would be much help except to find the kids something to wear.

Rose said...

What? I love my baths! I take two a day and one is usually with a 2 yr old. It is my only time away. i lock the door and tell greg to deal with it! LOL!
and laundry...I don't even want to talk about it. my hubby calls our dining room the "other" laundry room.

Tara said...

On laundry: my husband does it. Yes, I know I'm blessed. Before he did it though, I did it. And I hated it. So I didn't fold ANYTHING...seriously. Everything went on a hanger. Ratty old tshirt? On a hanger. Sweatpants? Hanger. The only thing in the drawers were socks, bras, panties. Now, I do LOVE folding towels. Weird, I know.

On baths: if it's that big of a battle to take a bath, give it up and shower instead. I prefer long hot showers to baths. (Here's a secret, if you take a long, hot shower in the dark-think in the wee hours of the morning--it's almost like still being asleep!). When I take a bubble bath, I also shower afterwards. Nice to know I'm not the only one.

Teeth: Michelle, honey, that's just gross. If it's the gagging thing that's getting in the way, can you at least Listerine?

Kelly said...

I hate brushing my teeth too! But I don't have an excuse, I just don't like it!

Diana said...

Well, I'm not telling any secrets, but let's just say I have never felt closer to you, ha ha. But I'm also not telling why.. you can wonder which one (ones?) I so totally feel like I "get" you today...

Susana said...

Your blog is super cute! Just stopping in from SITS.

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Sue said...

I don't mind doing laundry it's the putting away for me too.

I remember having that gag reflex brushing my teeth when I was pregnant.

Beulah said...

and in your defense, i had the same horrible gag reflux when i was pregnant. I couldn't brush my teeth for the first couple of months without throwing up.

I just flossed and used listerine.

Summer said...

I leave laundry in the washer, wet, for days and forget about it.

Then I have to rewash it.

Not cool.

Michelle said...

You guys are the best seriously. My dirty little secrets arent so dirty anymore...well they are still dirty, but now I know I'm not all alone with them.

Yes, I try to floss or chew gum...but can't do the listerine...whew that smell is awful. But I do have a better mouth wash I like. So I make do...and brush when I can. I still have all my teeth. LOL.

But thank you all so much for sharing. Seriously!!!!