Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday School

You may not know this but I have SHY children. For the first year and half, almost two years, I stayed with Millicent in the nursery. She was too little to sit through the service and couldn't stand being in the nursery with strangers. So I didn't mind staying with her. I got to visit, LOTS.

Asa is almost as bad. He will go to the nursery most of the time, provided it is someone he is familiar with. However, he cries EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. But just for a second. I always stand out of view and listen. If he continues, then I go into him and stay.

When Millicent was about two years old, a wonderful, sweet lady in our church decided to start keeping the nursery Sunday school class. The first few times Millicent didn't want to stay and I'm sure I stayed with her. But it didn't take long for her to warm right up to Mrs. Karen and grow to love her. She looked forward to her Sunday mornings with her. (Asa STILL cries and he's been going for 6-8 months.)

Mrs. Karen's Sunday school class is for two year olds (and younger)...and well, Millicent is 3 1/2. While Mrs. Karen does not care AT ALL that Millicent is still in her class, I knew it was time to move her when we got a new teacher for the preschool class. She knows her and she knows her children.

So here is Millicent a few Sundays ago as I made her stand with Mrs. Karen, her only teacher, before she went to her new class. Why she would not smile, I do not know. She was so happy.

And here she is in the hallway...see, she's excited. But she did take her baby for security.

And here she is, cute as ever, at the table.

Here she is with Mrs. Amy. Her second teacher ever. And since we homeschool, there probably won't be many. She is VERY nervous and didn't say a word all through class, according to Mrs. Amy. I only stayed a little while. However, she memorized her verse in that class time. She's so smart.

(Asa is still with Mrs. Karen, probably for a very long time.)

When Millicent gets nervous she doesnt speak or look at anyone. Which is pretty much ANY TIME she is with people and/or in a new situation. She has been known to cry if someone very unfamiliar (or a teenage boy...don't ask me why????) speaks to her. Poor thing. Boy, can I relate...wish those teenage boys would stop talking to me. No, that's not right, I teach a Sunday school class for youth. I'm shy too. So there you have it.


Jen said...

I am glad she transitioned well to her new class. She is absolutely beautiful! Man those eyes!! Gorgeous!!!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Ohhhhh the nursery woes! We've had the same struggles before and it's usually stick them in, get them involved and run out before they see us leave. SO hard! I'm glad she has bonded with her teachers :)

Yara said...

I kinda hope she stays shy & doesn't want those teen boys to talk to her for, oh, the next 15 years or so... whatdaya think?

Lena said...

She is very cute. It will get easier with each year they get older.

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Oh my gosh she is SO darned ADORABLE! How can you look at those eyes and ever say No? lol

I popped by to say thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog the other day. I've been on vacation otherwise I would have been by sooner! :)