Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Books I've Read Recently

I love reading, always have. Sometimes it will take me WEEKS to get through a book. Other times the book will be so interesting that I CANNOT stop reading it. Today I have a mix of those. However there is one book I absolutely cannot finish called, "The Shack". The theology on that book is so far gone that I just cannot finish it. I've been "reading" it for over two months and just can't do it. So I quit. I've got better books to read. Currently, I have about eight books on my read list.

Today, consider my list in order of greatest to least. Good to bad. Can't stop reading to have to make myself finish. (Actually none of these were terrible.)

Two more things to say, or maybe three.

First, I hope you don't mind my book reviews. (Skip it if you do, of course.) I love to read reviews because it gives me new books to read.

Second, I almost always add a book, that seems interesting to me, immediately to my Paperback Swap queue. Read all about PBS here and join if you aren't a member. Basically, almost free books, just pay the price of shipping.

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Now on to the good stuff.

Oh my goodness. This book was so good. So good in fact, that I didn't watch TV one night so I could finish it. So good that I didn't start blogging today until I had read the very last page.

This is a true story, written in a pseudonym, of a woman who is being stalked. The stalking has gone on over the course of ten years or so. The stalker has unlimited resources and follows her wherever she goes.

Her writing style is pleasant and her story is completely open and honest. She reveals her part in all that has happened and her raw emotions from what has transpired. I want to just give her a big old hug.

It also reveals some insanity about stalking...some statistics and how the police treat her, as well as strangers. She doesn't get big into that...this book is about HER and him.

If you read only one book this HAVE to read this book.

Confession time: I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Brooke Shields. I had a Brooke Shields doll. I wrote her a letter and she wrote me back. OH JOY! I have no idea how I even knew her.

So I was excited when I ran across someones blog who recommended this and it reminded me that I really had wanted to read this for some time. I realize this book is about two years old, but it's timeless.

She talks about her postpartum depression with brutal honesty. She does give some statistics and evidence of PPD but really this book is about her journey through it.

I like her even more having read her story. She writes in simple language and words. I really like books written to me and not AT me. She does this well.

We really get a nice glimpse into her life, but more importantly we realize that PPD is not about being a perfect mom. It is so much bigger than just getting the baby blues. And anyone facing PPD can have hope of recovery from it. I'm thankful to have read this!

If you have read any of my book reviews you know I love Phillip Gulley's Harmony series. Each book is one year long and builds on previous relationships.

These are fun, quick books.

While I do really enjoy these Harmony books, Mr. Gulley must have been having a change in theology as he went along. I don't know much about Quakers, but this book really reveals some theology that is just wrong. Because of that I strongly recommend you read it realizing that this book is OFF. I cannot recommend this to anyone who is not well read in the Bible and who does not understand the basic tenets of the faith. (So non-Christians or those seeking.) The first few books don't really reveal this, so I had thought of several people who might enjoy some lighthearted "Christian" literature. I'm glad I never recommended it to them. These books are not Christian based.

I still like them...they are still fun reads. Just remember they are not theologically correct.

I like Dean Koontz. For years I was convicted to not read these kinds of books. But my father in law gave me several so I prayed and felt freedom to try Dean again.

It wasn't as far out as I remember it being.

This book was just okay. It's a story about a woman who rescues dogs. One particular dog leads her on a journey, with her boyfriend, to rescue an abused child. The secondary characters are EVIL.

I guess what I didn't like about this book is the other worldliness. Otherwise, it could have been really good. Only read this when there aren't better books around.

So yeah, those are my reviews. Just what I think. No big raving review that takes days to read. What do you think? Read any of these? Have any suggestions for me?


Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Thank you for the review on a very eclectic collection!

Mary said...

Hi! Popping over from SITS roll call to visit.

I consider myself a Christian, but I do not take issue with banning the reading of certain books - I read just about any genre of book and God has never scolded me for it (and believe me he does deal with me on many things)!

I was like you with the Shack. I have never finished it. I've picked it up numerous times, but didn't find it as compelling as many to want to read it straight through. Maybe it just wasn't time for me to read it and I know that I'll get back to it some day.

I used to love to read Dean Koontz, but honestly he lost me a few years back and I haven't gotten back to him since.

I have a Kindle and a membership to Audible, so I'm usually reading several books at once!

ttjenkins said...

I sooo agree with you on the shack. I had issues with the theology also to the point where I was getting angry. I had to put it away for good. So many people ask me if I have read it and part of me wishes I could have finished it so I can discuss the book with them but I just couldn't do it.

Transparent Mama said...

Thanks for the book recommendations. I'll check out the Gulley books. I had not heard of them before.

Mama-Dawn said...

I REALLY didn't like the Shack too. I quit reading it as well. Sad that so many people see it as good information to follow.

Yara said...

The Shack... just happens to be my favorite book. Read it cover to cover in 3 days (and a lot of that time was not spent reading, actually; as I was visiting family & spending most of my time with them)

Dawn, what do you mean by 'good information to follow'?

Julie said...

That first one sounds like it might creep me out! But I'm sure it's good read. I'd kinda like to read the Brooke Shields book as well. Thanks for the recommendations.

Marcy said...

Thanks for the review of Brooke Shields book. I bought it at the Dollar Tree one time but have not read it yet. I am glad to hear a good review of it from someone I know and trust. :)