Monday, May 18, 2009

What's up?

I'm feeling pretty nauseous and extremely tired and don't feel like blogging at all!

I have not watched Survivor, so no one give away the winner. I'm afraid to look anywhere on the internet for fear of seeing the winner. BUT my fil, who is the BEST, recorded it for me, so I can actually watch it in under three hours, which is good, because it's three hours long.

And that's all for today. How are you doing?


The Royal Family said...

hello! I am sorry you are feeling blah, I completely understand. I have seen survivor we were up late to see it, because I was nervous about finding out elsewhere... but I have the reunion show to watch ... just the AFTER the winner... So hope you get to watch and enjoy!

Yara said...

hey missy! just because you are preggers & feel sick is NO EXCUSE for not blogging! so eat a saltine, have some ginger, and get to your blog!

Tara H. said...

Hurry up and get passed the sickness! We miss your blogging! anyways, you are a pro at this by now. That part shouldn't even phase you! You have duties here girl!!!!
seriously, hope you get feeling better.

Andrea said...

Yeah, i remember this feeling all too well...hope the morning/all day sickness leaves you alone soon!! :)

Trudy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Michelle said...

Saltines arent helping Yara. BUT chips seem to be. LOL

you would think it just gets easier, huh. But nope.