Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WFMW-Parenting Questions...and more

Today's edition of Works for me Wednesday is backwards. Meaning, instead of telling you something I know, you tell me something you know. I get to pick your brain. So I've got some really good stuff to ask you about today. You answer them all or just the ones you have experience with or whatever you want. I'm not in charge today, you are. Thanks for that.

1. How do you wean a child from a bottle? (You can read my sad little story here, here and here about the nursing strike Asa is on.) ESPECIALLY, night weaning. Oh and while you are at it, have you ever heard of a nine month nursing strike? I mean, it could happen right? OR OR OR...have you ever adopted a 15 month old and then nursed him? Maybe that one should have it's own line?

2. How do you know when a toddler is ready to stop sleeping without a diaper?

3. How do you get your children to stop arguing and fighting about every little thing? (And I want something good, like tying their arms and legs together and making them do everything together all day long...oohh that's a good one. See how this give and take works...already I have a great idea from you.)

4. Do you remind your children when it's their laundry day? Bath time? TOOTH brushing time? (Yea, I'm still reminding my 9 year old to brush her teeth.)

5. Are you going to watch Survivor on Thursday?

6. Do you have satellite? Because it's amazing.

7. Read any good books lately?

8. Wanna buy a house? Four bedroom, school room...WAY out in the country. You can have the goats too. For free, we'll just throw them in.

9. Anyone know how to take your temperature if you are trying to conceive and you are constantly awakened all night long and never get more than three hours sleep, and if you do manage three hours of sleep it's 3:30AM, and it's too dark to see the thermometer and it won't save the temperature?

10. How are you today?


Ryan Ashley Scott said...

On night-diapers: This might not work for anyone else, but I hated limiting Monsoons liquid intake in the evening, so we started getting him up (egaads! I know) before we went to bed (2-3 hours later) and taking him to pee in his sleep. He stays asleep and goes right back to bed and rarely has any accidents... it's worked since he was 2, so about a year and a half nw. Yes, the problem would be then figuring out how to wean him from "night breaks" so we aren't carrying him to the potty at 14. Wonder if anyone has advice for me, too?

OH, and I am lovely this morning, thanks for asking. :)

Nichole said...

1. Once we found a sippy cup our 17-month-old would use, we went cold turkey.

2. We did the same thing as Ryan Ashley Scott -- waking the 3-year-old up to go -- until we forgot to do it for a few nights. And she slept through with no trouble!

3. Thankfully, they haven't started that yet.

4. Yes. But they are pretty little.

5. Probably not.

6. Yes.

7. I reread my favorite book, "Peace Like a River" by Leif Enger. Highly recommended!

8. Yes. It sounds like exactly what I'd like. Except for the goats. And that we're in no position to buy a house.

9. Ummm... I can't help on this one.

10. Fine, thanks!

Beulah said...


1. I was the mean momma who made the kids go cold turkey after offering something yummy in the sippy but only water in the bottle. Let me say though, it wasn't always pleasant.

2. Ha, we just went through this a couple of months ago. I was so sick of buying diapers for bed, and I was sick of changing the bed when I didn't. After changing his own bed a few (many) times in the middle of the night, Aydan decided it was much easier just to get up and pee.

3. You got me. But I'd love the magic answer when you get it! =)

4. of course. and yes, I'm sick of nagging

5. no ma'am no tv service

6. nope

7. Working on Twilight. And I've been loving Steeple Hill's Inspirational romance novels!

10. not so great, but it will be okay right? right?

MyBellsPalsyBaby said...

1. Take the bottle away period. The longer you go past a year the harder it is.

2. I would watch to see if they wake up dry on a regular basis. My son would do this at about 2.5yo. He would go all nite dry and first thing in the morning I would put him on the potty. You can also get them up the same time everynite to take them to the potty.

3. Well I actually did this to my two oldest dd's once. It was all in fun but it was also to teach them to get along. I tied them together using ducktape and they laughed so hard they had trouble standing up

4. Yes even at 9yo and sometimes older I do have to remind mine that they have to take a shower or brush their teeth. My almost 11you is getting her haircut to shoulder length because she can't keep up with the tangles

5.No I will watch Lost on the puter on Thursday

6.No I think it's a waste of money, we don't have a tv antennae either

7. Not that I can remember, I was trying to read Nicholas Nickelby by Charles Dickens but I haven't been able to get into it

8. Nope we own one!

9. No but join my yahoo group and you can get really cheap ovulation test strips

10. Pretty good, short day at work, but my van may need a new transmission

Joyce said...

Here’s my wonderful wisdom!
1. Cold turkey. I just took it away. It helps that her older sister had some fabulously cute sippy cups!

2. Lots and lots and lots of days with a dry diaper at wake-up time. I’ll be honest I hate cleaning up me way more than changing a diaper!

3. Gosh, I wish I knew. I usually just can distract my Little One before any blood is shed. 

4. Yep, but mine are still 3 and 1 so they need help.

5. Of course, that’s the only reason for Thursday nights!

6. We have DirecTV and I am not a fan, but it’s that or nothing. Someday we’ll get cable where we live.

7.The Gatehouse by Nelson Demille. I love his books.

8. Sounds fabulous, but alas we are not in the moving mood yet.

9.Oh man, I struggled with this one too. I took my temp as “regularly” as I could. It was never the same time and certain not after a long night’s sleep. Yet somehow it worked. When I finally got the positive line… 9 months later I got the Little One. Good luck!

10. I'm here!

Skinnyontheinside said...

#9 I had/have a basal body thermometer that is digital and saves your temp. I always set my alarm for 5am and took my temp and then read it when I finally woke up in the morning. Do you want it? I will send it to you.

Skinnyontheinside said...

Michelle, this is the one I have, it is an older model but works the same


AP said...

hi there. thanks for stopping by my blog. always great to meet other birth advocates. I feel dr.s keep so much from us. I studied many books before the 2nd birth because of my determination to have a VBAC adn a drug free birth.
As for her cord. It was wrapped around twice and they knew it before she came out because her heart rate stopped, and she was not breathing when she came out which is why they cut the cord. And they could not resucitate her which is why they removed her from the room and I did not see her til like 8 hours later
so I guess in our case the cord being wrapped around her twice is what they believed lead to her inability to breath?

Becky said...

I'll try half of them!

4: Yes, although the reminders HAVE cut down now that they're teenagers.

5: No, I don't watch tv on weeknights.

6: Yes, and it is great.

7: I recently discovered the author Mindy Starns Clark. Every single one of her books I had to read in one sitting (or at least I WANTED to).

8: Sorry, but no. I don't do country and goats very well :)

I am Harriet said...

I'm stopping by via SITS to say hello.
I enjoyed reading.

Tara H. said...
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Rina said...

LOL I like number nine. Noooo idea. Unfortunately, I don't have answers to most of your questions! But I AM interested in your house - especially with the goats in for free. What a selling point! :)

Jordan said...

I am reading Love in the Time of Cholera. It's good, but very detailed and descriptive (which I usually like, but post baby I'm more of a get to the point girl). I also recently read The Shack. My baby is to young to offer any advice on the other questions.

Michelle said...

I hope I replied to everyone, but if I forgot you, please forgive me.

I love all the answers. Thank you all for taking the time to answer them all.

I'll be visiting all your blogs now.