Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twirp, twirp, twirp

That's the sound of crickets this morning as I tried to think about what to write. The sound of silence. I got nothing.

So what do you want to talk about? I'll read your blog today when I get a chance, and I'll think about what you wrote. But it won't help me write anything.

I love looking at your pictures, but aside from the pictures that Hannah took, which I'd be happy to show you, I don't really have any.

Loving the satellite, but no show really strikes my fancy like Survivor does. What shows do you like?

In the middle of about four books but none are really holding my interest. Read any good books lately?

So back to what I said before, nothing to talk about.

Don't leave me hangin' though, talk to me, link back to me, something. Give me some excitement today.


Beulah said...

you can come laugh at my kids...lol

kel said...

I am reading The Help by Kathryn Stockard (i think that's her last name! ack!) It is so very good!

Yara said...

if you were here you coulda gone to the park with us.

Kelly said...

Man, you blog EARLY! I was still snoozing :o)

eally said...

I love watching the CSI shows, Dog Whisperer and AMerican Idol - addicted to those shows. I record them all on the DVR so when I lay down in bed around 10:30 every night I can watch my shows until about midnight and just fast forward through the commercials. Hate, despise, hate commercials!!!!!! LOL Did I mention how much I hate commercials?