Friday, April 17, 2009

Suvivor--The one where I never watch Survivor again

I have two sad things.

First, I had my entire blog post typed out as I was watching last night's episode. I had typed it in an email and didn't send it to myself. You know where this is going right? Then I closed the computer, thought about unplugging it since there was a storm, but knew it was on a surge protector, and went to bed. Yep, I got up this morning....the computer had shut off during the night, probably due to the storm and I had lost EVERYTHING. So don't count on a thorough recap of Survivor.

Second, NONONONONONONONO! Please, please, please say it isn't so. NONONONONNO NONONO! I can't take it. It's night right! I hope they ALL lose, all of them except Sierra. She can win. But no, they'll just send her home next week. I especially hope JT loses. And Taj. And Stephen.

I would rather crazy Coach wins.

Speaking of Coach. What's wrong with him? Seriously. Did you hear him tell Jeff, at tribal council, that those people ate his bottom. THEY CHEWED HIS BOTTOM. Man, I wish Jeff would have asked to see it. Let's see, he was eaten by a shark...oh man, see what losing your entire nights work does??? I can't remember the other stuff he said. It was a lot. He had a whole list of bad stuff that he had endured. But the best part was the being dropped in a jungle and having his bottom eaten. Man, did you see the look on Jeff's face when Coach said that. I wish I had a still of that because I would use it on my blog post!

You know during the challenge, the Chuckie Cheese challenge, you know, skeet ball, where Brandon said he'd never done that before and Coach said he had. Well yeah, we all have. It's Skeet Ball!

When they won that challenge I expected to hear Coach say he had gone river rafting before only a bear had mauled him and held him captive for four days while he starved and ate his hair for nourishment and somehow escaped when the bear took a nap. I'm sure that happened. About as sure as I am of the other stuff he said.

SERIOUSLY, what's wrong with Coach? And what's up with all the wizard and dragon stuff. And HEY STEPHEN, besides the fact that you are an idiot, why are you encouraging him?

Brendan seriously began ranking up there (almost) with Rupert when he said: (This is not an exact quote, but I did have the exact quote before the unfortunate accident.)

I live my live trying to succeed. I want to win this game and if I take JT to the final two, I cannot beat him. But if he won, it would be like a win for me.

Brendan said that. About JT. Then JT stabbed him in the back, in probably the worst vote I've ever experienced. I hope JT watched that last night and kicked himself. HARD. And then I hope he kicks Coach hard too...right where the natives ate his bottom.

I had more, much much more. But now I got nothin' for ya.

I guess I'll watch next weeks episode, just to see if Sierra can survive. But then, I'm done with Survivor. What's it become? Vote off the strong players even if the idiots win?

Please, please, if you're reading this now, post about Survivor. At the very least comment, except Yara who tells me every week she doesn't watch Survivor, unless she happened to watch it last night and then I want her to post.

Wait, I've got it! I know how they can all make this up to me. They can bring back the castoffs. (Brendan didn't even make it the JURY! OH MAN! I can't take it!) A competition. It doesn't really matter what competition because Brendan would beat them all except maybe JT. Then if Brendan wins he gets to come back and the other moron has to leave. Because they are all morons for voting him out and I want them all to lose. Harsh?


kel said...

I haven't watched since the first season. I got entirely too into it!! I keep thinking I am going to start watching when the season starts but I don't.

Jeff Johnson said...

I like pie.

Mama Kat said...

I've DONE that before!! It's so frustrating to lose a post!! You rebounded well though...I haven't gotten into the show this season, but I watched the last part of it. I always watch the finale. :)

Michelle said...

You both (and three if I include Jeff, but he's grouchy and dirty...meaning he needs a bath every single night....NOT that...and won't watch with me) need to watch it this thursday and come back and dish.