Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrapbook Saturday

FINALLY a scrapbook post. You see, I love scrapbooking and I love my kids and the two are not synonymous. I either have to love one or the other. Because if I'm in my room scrapbooking my little loves toddle on in and want to sit on my lap and either "help" or HELP. And either one consists of me pointing to the page and saying, "Put the sticker there" or telling one of them to stop grabbing everything. So I don't scrapbook much.

But then I walk past my desk and I see my Cricut and my boxes of stickers and my ribbons and all the beautiful pictures of my kids and I want to scrapbook. So today I am. I don't know how, I don't know when, but I AM. I will. I can.

Today's project is baby parts.

Awe! Aren't they cute?

Here is an example of what I've done with this theme.

If you have a new baby this will be so easy. So go take some pictures of them, up close, their fingers, their toes, maybe their eyes, their nose, whatever little part makes you smile.

Here is Millicent's three month picture (you know the one where I had low milk and she looks like an alien because I didn't know she was starving...should see month four. EEK!).

And her baby foot.

Here I had a picture of her on Ashlea's shoulder where I cropped out everything but her eyes.

If you don't have a baby then find some pictures that have baby parts and crop them...I did that with the fingers too.

Don't forget to post your page and come back here to tell us so we can all come over and see it. That means you Kelly!


Kelli said...


What precious baby pictures! I've enjoyed reading up on your blog.

The name of the book is "Comprehensive curriculum of Basic Skills". It's made by American Education Publishing and it's the Preschool version. I got it at Sam's Club for 8 bucks. We've now moved on to the next book called "The Complete Book of Phonics" by the same publishing company. Avonlea is now reading, so I'm getting ready to look at an Abeka Pre-K/Kindergarden curriculum.
Happy schooling!
*The reason I couldn't get back with you was because my computer crashed. Sorry for the delay!

Yara said...

Hey, it's like we are mentally connecting from afar.
I printed pix yesterday (.09 each, costco sale. Yay) I did forget, however, to use my 50 free prints coupon (gotta find it quick!)
so I must take 50 pictures in the next few days & print em. Muah-hahahaha!
I shall fill in more pages in Kev's book, then take a picture of said book & post it, since my scanner does not play nicely with my laptop lately.
It's almost like I'm one step ahead of you... no, behind you... oh I dont know.

eally said...

Cute pages! I used to scrapbook ALL the time and have lots of albums completed, but I still have so many pictures to finish putting in albums. I lost my desire. I look at all my cropping materials sitting in my closet and my boxes of pictures and think "I sure could free up a lot of space if I would do something with those boxes of pictures!" LOL

Michelle said...

Yara, we are two peas in a bucket.

I didnt get to scrapbook though.

Kelly said...

Oh, no I hope you don't mean me Kelly. I don't scrapbook! I love looking at scrapbooks, but my love of taking pictures is so huge that I have a really hard time putting them on to pages. I am way more of a photo album kind of gal. But even if it takes me till midnight tonight, I will get a blog posted!