Saturday, April 11, 2009

Survivor-The one where Joe's leg rots off

I have a lot to say and I'm a day late saying it. Supposedly the FAA will be giving me a waiver any day and I'll be watching it on TV any minute now...maybe before the end of the season?

Okay....whadimiss? What's wrong with Stephen as Jt and Taj talk about the members being down and them losing? Was he second guessing himself? He is in a good position when the merge comes!!! But then he blows it! WHY??? I thought they were genius to set that up.

Um, that intro with coach...YEP, that's coach all right. HILARIOUS editing.

I do like that he went down to meditate/pray...whatever that means...but that he was actually productive in it and his tribe mates noticed. I mean, it's great if i go on a retreat and God speaks deeply to my heart and I come home EXACTLY the's something different if there is real change. Gotta appreciate that in coach...well, there isn't much else to appreciate. (Coach if you are reading this...I'm sure you're a great guy...they just aren't showing your best side, right?)

A bug, Joe says? "Like a little [mumble mumble] bacteria, parasite"...No dude, it was just a bug...a real bug...a gross, nasty, dirty bug, just like I said last week.

A FREE MEAL. Let's listen in as they enjoy their merge meal:

"Candy!" You know a girl said this!

"Water, without bugs in it." Really?

"I love the green." Deep conversation.

"I aint a rocket scientist." Guess who said this?

"Y'all got sufficient hoes." ...or was it "some fishin' holes"? I don't speak Redneck.

Coach said, about the merge and the tribes coming together, "It's like getting a new girlfriend, there is so much to explore."...UM? What can I even say about that? EWWW!!!???!!!

It didn't take much to flip Coach but I got something to say:

"If you lie to me."...Did you really expect Brendan to tell the truth about the idol? You thought he was squirrelly? What about YOU???? You have a long bushy were swishing it around down by the water.

Meanwhile Brendan thinks well of you and thinks you guys have an alliance....the backstabbing begins.

Is that a cockroach I saw? LAST WEEK SPIDERS, now this.

Man, Stephen really is smarter than I gave him credit for, he's already exploiting everyone's weaknesses....but he cannot be trusted.

Did you see how red JT's neck was? What? I meant, of course, that he's sunburned.

I love Erin's quote...We'll vote out Sierra and Brendan, "and then we'll actually play the game for real." Erin...I mean, what have YOU been doing this whole time? Oh wait, nothing.

STOP THE PRESSES! Tyson says in reference to Brendon, "I've kissed him on the neck softly. He's felt my warm, steamy breathe on the nape of his neck, even on the small of his back." But they are just friends, right?

Tyson looks like a skeleton, just sayin'.

And Stephen is kinda freakin' me out...he's getting kind of weird. Is being stranded with a skeleton who kisses men's necks and breathes on their backs getting to him...cause well, I think it would freak me out too.

I kind of thought Brendan wasn't going home...all that talk of cutting the head off the dragon...too much! YES! He lives another week...and the previews show him mustering the troops for his side. YES!

So what did you see that I missed?

What was your favorite quote?

Comment away. We have another week before the next episode so let's fill our time with talk of this episode. Makes the days go faster.


Yara said...

I just can't get into watching survivor... I've tried, it never works.

sunnymama said...

Not connected to Survivor but I just called by to say thanks for visiting my blog and I answered your question about the baby's first year photos, so I hope that's helpful :)