Friday, April 24, 2009

Survivor-In war (or love) it's kill or be killed

CORRECTION....Brendan DID make it to the jury. YEA!

I gotta tell you, my heart wasn't in this episode. And it's not in this recap. I'm not funny or brilliant or witty, you know, like I usually am. Today I'm just recapping.

Well my feathers are still ruffled at Brendan leaving. And my first thought when I started watching the recap of last week, was that Brendan should have left his bag with Sierra so she would have the idol and be able to continue on. Just think how awesome that would have been. But then I thought...

Suck it up, Sierra! Sierra should not have been kissing Coach's know he doesn't have much left anyway because the natives ate it. She should have started campaigning to get him out. Frankly, I am disappointed in her whining about mistakenly aligning with Brendan. Seriously, if it were me, I'd flat out tell them, you guys voted him off because he was so powerful and that's why I was aligned with him. Then I'd work hard to win. And that was when I became, oh so glad, that he didn't give her the idol.

Coach said that he never lied to anyone...HELLO? DID YOU JUST VOTE BRENDAN out? Did I miss something??

And here was the quote to end all quotes: "In war...and love and's kill or be killed." That's profound. Really.

Tyson told Sierra, "I don't think you were the mastermind...I don't think you're smart enough for it. Like really." (He really said it EXACTLY like that.) Then did you see her face? That's where I would have shut up. But nope, she kept talking. You get what you ask for is all I can say.

Poor Taj needs a sport bra. But seriously, she's lost some weight...and as much as it pains me to say anything nice about the scoundrels who voted Brendan out...she's looking pretty good.

I did not want the red team to win the reward simply because they all conspired to vote out Brendan. I used to like JT. I was hoping Sierra would win, until she became a groveling idiot. But now, I don't like anyone. Too harsh?

Jeff made fun of coach, (in my manliest voice) "All that life experience is not helping you out here."

Coach, "You know I didn't line up boards like this in the Amazon."

It's true...when he was watching the nature channel on TV, and they were in the Amazon, there weren't any boards.

Maybe I'm jaded, but I didn't feel sorry for Erin throwing up. In fact, I kind of liked it. What?

Ah, poor Stephen on Exile Island. I felt so sorry for him. Really. Didn't you see how pitiful he looked. (Queue sad music.) Just think, if he'd have voted Coach off instead of Brendan he would have been having the reward.

No, I've not forgiven yet.

Uh, Erin said Sierra was annoying. Well, that's like, well uh, it's stupid is what. Cause Erin is the one who is annoying. yep, that's just how her comment was.

I seriously don't get why coach is talking about stabbing yourself with a Samurai sword because of dishonor. WHEN HE HIMSELF VOTED OUT BRENDAN. Seriously, whad i miss?

Tyson talked about missing out on the, give the dude some pizza...he needs some food. Look at him.

There was SOOO much talk about getting Sierra out that I was not surprised when they started talking about Tyson...I know I can say that after the show aired, and who's going to call me a liar, right? But I really did see it coming.

This week the thing they tried to gross us out with was a tarantula. Maybe some day I'll tell you some stories about tarantulas. But not today.

The warrior! And their leader is actually crazy. I mean it, he is. Do you disagree?

Wow our house we teach our kids about a thing called circular reasoning. Does anyone want me to type out the transcript? No, thank you. Just believe me. His logic was going in circles. The gist of it was that he was keeping the strong players in the game. BUT not if they competed against him. Or something that I couldn't comprehend because evidently he's so smart, that it just confused me. So Brendan is still gone. That's the point.

THAT WAS PROBABLY MY favorite tribal council ever. The looks on everyone's faces, as they went from smug to shocked...priceless. And this time it's not about Brendan. (But I did have to mention his name again.)

So next week finds Sierra back where she once was. Coach tries manipulating her to get what he wants. Oh yea, that's right...just like the boys in the backseat of her car. Was that going too far?

Dish. What did you see that I missed?


Yara said...

no comment : /

Susan said...

Coach is so annoying. I want to know if he is "for real" with all the stories he tells - or is he psycho? I was really glad to see Tyson go instead of Sierra as they were hyping. I was surprised that Debbie (a school principal) couldn't spell Sierra (she wrote Siearra or something like that). Fun recap - and thanks for paying me a visit!

Michelle said...

Yara...why don't you start watching with me????

Susan...yea, a Survivor fan. I can't tell if he's for real or if that's his game.

I didnt notice that about Debbie...frankly she's not the sharpest. I like her okay...but if she wins it's wrong!

The Royal Family said...

I am glad I ran into your blog. I LOVE SURVIVOR!!!! I was seriously peeved when Brendan got voted off and i'm excited to read your recaps. :)

The Buzz,

Michelle said...

Brandy, I just left your blog haven forgotten what I was talking about. CRAZY! I forgot it was Survivor! How could I????