Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Well hello. Miss me?

Seems my cord, that replaced the cord that came with the computer, stopped working. No matter how hard I tried I could not get it to charge my laptop. (And believe me I tried...I would hold the cord 30 degrees south of the computer, with my knee and squint. Didnt help.) So I was without computer for several days. That was hard! It was like an addict without his crack. A baby without his bottle. Millicent without Mommy's milk. But my hero (Jeff) found me a new one and I'm back online. Whew!

Then Asa got sick. When Asa gets sick he doesn't sleep, play or eat. He just wants me to hold him...square in the middle of my lap, with nothing else around me. And if I don't, he cries and whines until I do. Fun, fun! (You know you wish you were me.) Good thing he's so cute and cuddly the rest of the time.

Jeff took a four day weekend and we clowned around all weekend; went out to eat, played at the park,went to the zoo.

Speaking of the park, the weather was beautiful all weekend. The sun was shining. It felt great to be outside.

You can see that my blog is still wonky. I've tried and tried to fix it. If I can get the sidebar font to not be gargantuan, then my posts are really, really small. Where is my hero now, you may ask? I don't know. But if you know html code, you could become my hero. I can't pay you in anything but smiles and laughter and thanks...but hey, if you are lacking in thanks, I'm your guy.

Lastly, I finally got to watch last week's and this past Thursday's Survivor episodes. I have to
tell you I HATE HATE HATE the digital transition. The only good thing about it is now I can watch Celebrity Apprentice.


I started this third episode of Survivor wanting Erin to go home, and I did not change my mind. STOP reading if you have not seen this episode. I'm sad that they sent home Sarge. What were they thinking?

I know what Sierra was thinking, the girl is still bitter. Do you remember how that felt to be voted off BECAUSE you were sick Sierra? Remember how upset you got? So now you do it to Sarge? That doesn't even make sense.

Sarge, you should have hidden it better. You should have told them you were doing fine.

I think he may have been ready to go home. Evidently Survivor is worse than war. I think Jeff should go. And by the way, I sure do love Bubba Gump shrimp. Can't believe you left the factory for that.

I was a little surprised that he blamed himself for losing the challenge. He worked as hard as anyone else. Goes to show his character. What were you guys thinking voting him off so soon? Right up to the vote I still held out hope that they would vote out Erin instead. She's useless.

Did you see Brendan lift the block BY HIMSELF, onto his back, and then onto the top of the other blocks. He works hard. I'm calling him for the final three. He has now made that masterful play with the other two tribe members. That's genius. Setting himself up for the merge by making friends with other tribe members. I think the four of them could make it, as long as they stick together and don't show their hand to soon.

Coach is a little intense; make that a lot intense. What do you think? You could see the look on his face when they lost that challenge. And then he screamed. Later he tells the cameras he would rather get eaten by tarantulas or bitten by spiders. WHAT? It's a game dude, chill out. The other team PLAYED better; it wasn't anyones fault.

By the way, Tyson is the assistant coach but wants to be called the coach. That guy cracks me up.

Can anyone understand JT? I like him, don't get me wrong, but what is he talking about?

SO you know, I have seen Thursdays episode 4 but I'm doing my blog post as if I haven't. I'll post about that tomorrow. If you haven't seen it, go watch, and come back and chat with me.


Yara said...

I missed ya!

The Royal Family said...

no kidding, but I wanted to keep scoping out what you post about. So back to survivor... they can't vote Erin out BECAUSE that's who my husband has for the money ... we each drew names from a hat and whoever ends up with the sole survivor wins mulah!!!... so cross your fingers Erin stays IN because that's my chance at a double stoller!! HA HA HA

Jeff Johnson said...

I want to hear more funny stories about fat people.