Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love endurance challenges on Survivor

Okay this was a good one. The endurance sets the men apart from the boys! And really shows the chutzpa of the ladies.

So pretty much from the beginning they establish a leader, because of Tribal Council. It cracks me up that the leader is Brendan and Coach is now Assistant Coach.

Tyson said, "We established a leader, kind of. So Brendan, I guess, or coach is the leader. I don't really know cause I wasn't paying attention. I don't really care." That Tyson...now he's no longer assistant coach, and you would think it would upset him more than that.

Meanwhile, can someone explain to me what this means: Coach, "I've been here and they haven't." HUH? Aren't you all on an island somewhere? WHAT are you talking about? You've actually been there before? What? You've been deserted on another island somewhere with cameras rolling and lack of food? What? You've been assistant coach before? Seriously, what are you talking about.

I have to say that I like Stephen more and more. And despite the previews for next week, I think they are going to take this alliance through the merge.

Then the endurance challenge. I LOVED it. But wait...JT is NO Rupert.
First of all, as I remember that endurance challenge, Rupie barely broke a sweat. You SAW JT. Rupert held those FOREVER, well a long time anyway. JT was at the end of his rope. AND Rupie WON. HELLO! He won. He won everything, all season long. JT AIN'T no Rupert.

In case you don't believe me, note this scene. JT is in the camp asking what they have. They have two bags of beans. He takes ONE, not both, but ONE bag of beans, because he doesn't want to leave them hungry, or whatever. COME ON. This is SURVIVOR JT. Remember how Rupert actually STOLE the other teams personal belongings, because they left them out. Did you see the sneaky smile on his face when he did it. OH priceless. Oh yea, back to my post. Rupert would have taken both bags and laughed in their faces. NOPE, JT ain't Rupert. And never say that again.

I really like Taj. I'm bummed I didn't call her before. But based on the preview, she goes off on her tribe, and they won't like that. I hope her teams wins immunity this week, or she is likely gone. She was so classy when she hugged Debbie after the challenge. Debbie was really upset...whether from pain or losing after all that effort, I don't know. But Taj went over to her and hugged her and told her she did a great job.

By the way, WHO IS SYDNEY? Has she been on the island this whole time?

I cannot wait until Thursday's episode. It looks so good! Good enough that I might seek out some spoiler information just to make sure Taj and Brendon don't go home. Brendon has to win. He just has to! He's my favorite. And just think...Bear Naked sales are about to skyrocket...just wait till he wins! OH PLEASE win. I'm almost always right about who wins. Don't let me down Brendan. And hey, if you are reading this...that sample you sent me, my mail lady ate it or soemthing. The package was empty and open when it arrivfed. Could I get some more?


The Royal Family said...

thanks for entering my giveaway! I love survivor, although i'm out of the running for the pot of gold at the end of the season because they voted Jerry off... :*(

But I love rupert.. they should bring him back or just give him a tv show, He was awesome!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I love Survivor too!!

I was rooting for the Army 1st Sgt, but he's gone already. Why is it the military peeps never last??? So I'm not sure who I'm rooting for now. Just about ANYONE except "Coach" (didn't he just get voted off?), and that creepy older lady whose eyes bug out.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Oh goodness...I think the only season I watched was when Rupert was on. I thought he was cool. Just bought come Bare Naked this afternoon at Whole Foods. We love it!!