Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some day her prince will come

(Disclaimer) I'm about to tell you some things that may make you think we are very weird, even weirder than, I'm sure, you already think we are. And I want to make sure you don't think that our convictions should be your convictions. We are all on different walks. This is what God has shown us is right for our family. That doesn't mean it has to be right for your family.

We have been teaching our daughters to wait for their wedding day to have their first kiss. This started with a book called Princess & the Kiss: A Story of God's Gift of Purity. It is what God has shown us is His best for our children.

But that is not what this post is about. I have something really fun to tell. But just keep that in mind.

My children LOVE for us to tell them stories. Every time we get in the car one of them, from the three year old to the 11 year old, asks us to tell them a story.

Jeff is a wonderful story teller (as is his dad) and will usually regale them with something hilarious from his childhood. I don't have happy childhood stories so I usually listen and laugh. Oftentimes we'll tell a birth story.

On this particular day, we were telling the story of our first date. Then, as usual, someone asked us to tell another story. So I thought....and this is what I came up with.

I began telling Kati the story of her first date, right up to her engagement. I told about how she will know this boy for some time before he ever calls Jeff and asks if he may court Kati. I talked about how he will join us for meals as he gets to know her better. I told how he would ask for her hand in marriage, only after Dad said it was okay. Then I told how they would save their first kiss for their wedding day.

I gave Kori her story too. About how this boy would buy their little tiny house before he even felt worthy of courting her. About how she would ask us, many times, if she was doing the right thing, thinking about this boy in future terms. And how she would save her first kiss for her wedding day.

Would you know...they LOVED it. They talked about it and talked about and talked about it. They told anyone who would listen. I was amazed. I was just telling the story because they wanted to hear a story. I had no idea it would mean so much to them. They even wanted us to tell Millicent's and Asa's. We declined because I was able to tell a big part of their stories from knowing them so well, while Millicent and Asa do not have personalities as well developed.

Here is what I took away from that story telling time:

1. Girls love a love story. They are waiting on their prince.

2. We can teach our children to wait for their first kiss, not only by telling them, but by sharing these kinds of stories.

3. We can train them, by telling them these stories, to believe that the God's best is this way.

4. We can change the stories around each time, as long as we keep the basics the same, and they will always want to hear these stories.

5. They will live up to our expectations. And we can expect this. They will know our expectations in many ways....this is just one way.

6. I had as much fun dreaming about this with them, as they did listening.


Mainly a midwife said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love those books for the kids. The Prince and the Scroll is a good one as well.

Skinnyontheinside said...

Have you read Josh and Anna Duggar's story, it is a perfect example of what you want for your family. I LOVE it! check it out http://www.ja20.com/ourstory.html