Monday, February 23, 2009

DIY haircuts

I had the most amazing, wonderful post written. Then I tried to publish it and Blogger told me that it wouldn't accept my HTML...I guess from all the pictures I was trying to use. MAN! This is NOT the first time this has happened to me. Then I try publishing anyway and I lost my ENTIRE post. I mean, where did it go?

Moving on....

Here is my little man:

Here was Asa last week before he received his very first haircut. Bye-bye curls.

Sitting on Daddy's lap being a good boy. Never made a peep.

AWE! Look at him!

What a BIG boy he is now!


Marcy said...

SO stinkin' cute!! He does look like a big boy!

Blogger probably saved your post, you have to go in to your dashboard and in to posts to see.

Yara said...

he looks like a totally different boy.... what baby-ness is left in him : (?

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

I hated having to get merrick's hair cut for the first time : (
He is a cutie!
PS- no one at that bar wanted to see our c-scars!
I think we scared some 21 year olds into celebacy.

Diana said...

Awww! Boy you doubly scored, such a well behaved and agreeable little guy AND a husband who cuts hair! He looks adorable - Asa, I mean!

Skinnyontheinside said...

OH He is so adorable! I lOVE the big grin!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Who needs a post when we can look at such wonderful pictures of your baby boy? I think I read somewhere that a photo is actually worth a 1000 words.

By my calculation, you have yourself a short book here.


Michelle said...

Thank you guys...of course we think he's the cutest!

Erin, that CRACKED me up when I read that!!!!

Diana, LOL, I knew you meant Asa, I think...hope...LOL. Yes, Jeff is the best!

Christy said...

that has happened to me before and its very annoying and when it happened to me marcy blogger did not save my post i was very upset lol!! btw he looks super cute but to grown up now i miss the curls lol ;)