Monday, February 9, 2009

Money Saving Monday

We use wash clothes for everything around here.

Baby wipes...check

paper towels....check


I use the smaller, thinner wash clothes for baby wipes.

I carry a box of disposable wipes in the car and only have to buy those once every 2-3 months.


What are some uses you have for wash clothes, to save money?


Mom2fur said...

I like to make aprons, and I usually sew a washcloth into the waistband. Having it right there at my fingertips keeps me from grabbing for napkins to wipe my hands. Keep my clothes cleaner means fewer washes, too!
I haven't bought papertowels in ages. I use rags. I also prefer cloth napkins that I have sewn up, mostly from fabric scraps. But if I still had littles, I'd definitely steal the washcloth-for-wipes idea!
BTW, I also like to put very cold water on a washcloth for a compress when I have a headache. Not sure if that saves money, but it helps!

Erin said...

for a small baby I found a washcloth folded into thirds was the perfect size for a nappy doubler.

sarent said...

Hello from France,

I use old towels to clean the dog, wipe off dust, for painting, to clean the car, to make to mop, etc. I also crochet my dishcloth with cotton yarn... these work great to clean the bathroom also, making sure not to separate the bathroom cloth and the dishcloth.

sarent said...

Hello there,

I'm writing from France.

I use dishcloth, making my own with cotton yarn and crochet. I use old towels to make new mops to clean the floors. Other uses : to wipe the dog's paws before letting him in the house, as rags for painting, as rags for car cleaning, etc. Never throw them away... donate them if you have too many.