Friday, January 9, 2009

Weight Loss

Everyone still out there working hard at their weight and fitness goals?

Over at Amy's blog, one of my all time favorite blogs, she is having a weight loss competition. I don't know if it's too late to get in, but I'm going to try. You try too. But meet back here to report in occasionally. Hey, there is money at stake and prizes!!

This wasn't the week I had hoped for, although not terrible.

Ashlea made cookies...enough said?

I didn't walk.

I DID increase my water. blood pressure is way, way, way down. NORMAL even. I started taking some herbs, which I will talk about in a later post when I make sure that it really works.

How are you doing?


Diana said...

I did really well Monday and Tuesday. Slowly through the week the victory lessened, but still for the most part better than before I was trying to watch things. I have this double edged sword of getting to obsessed with it all. I know I could stop all my carbs and drop weight like crazy, I lost 75 lbs that way a few years ago which is great, but it feels like trading one bondage for another. I really want food to just be fuel, and nothing else, but I'm not there yet. Trying to focus on the Lord and have my weight/diet changes be an overflow of that, if that makes any sense... OK, now I put a whole post in your comments. XO

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle!

I'd like to do the challenge with you, just waiting to see if I am one of "those" readers...

I finally started my cycle back the 1st week of December, but haven't had another since. I'm showing all the signs of pregnancy, but have taken 3 (yes, 3) tests all resulting in negatives...

Sooo...we'll see. Even so, I also increased my willpower to not eat what the kids do is non existent...I'd mostly like to start walking and stretching!

Good luck to all of you, what a great idea to do it together! Have a good weekend!


Skinnyontheinside said...

This has nothing to do with weightloss but when are you gonna do your next scrapbook saturday? I miss them they help keep me motivated and give me ideas.

Tara H. said...


Girl Scout cookies are in...and are just screaming at me all day every day....HELP!!!!! I think I have ate all profits.

Michelle said...

Small, baby steps Diana. I can get obsessed too. That's why I do weight watchers. I have had eating disorders all my life and it's easy to fall back into those patterns. But Jesus didn't save me so that I could abuse His temple. And while I don't have much self control, I can follow weight watchers.

Kathi, please check back in and let us know if you are pregnant!! I'm a huge tester too. I love to take tests. I had a friend tell me the pregnancy would seem shorter if I didnt find out on ovulation day 9. LOL. But hey, I'm so excited when it happens that I CANNOT help myself. Seriously. If you are showing all the sign of pregnancies it means, you arent. LOL.

Mel, I didnt realize anyone was reading that. Yes I will, if YOU promise to comment on my posts and blog about what you are working on. LOL. I mean that though...

OH NO TARA. I guess you have some for me too? OH NO. We'll eat them all in one day and they wont be as fattening, right?

You can do, give 'em to Jack.

Tara H. said...

Jack won't eat...which is why HE doesn't need to loose weight!!!!

And yes, I have cookies for you!!!!

Kelly said...

Umm, let's just say that I'm very glad that today started a new week. So a new start, right?