Monday, January 12, 2009

Am I Contagious?

I do so love to blog. I guess I want my voice heard. Maybe I think I have something important to say (nah).

Really it's just that I want to help and encourage other women. I want to give helpful advice. I want to dialog with other women in similar walks.

And it's not just about me. I love reading your blogs too.

I recently had a friend blame me for starting her own blog. I say YEAH for that. I want to read her blog. She has important stuff to say.

So leave me a comment in this new year. Leave me a comment every day. Tell me hi or how are you or I disagree or that's the neatest thing I've ever read. Or you are so pretty or skinny or the best mommy ever. You know, just speak the truth in love. But do speak.


Anonymous said...

You sooo deserve lots and lots of comments...your blog is great, and I do learn from you and am inspired by you.

Good morning...have a good blessed!


Jen said...

Yes, you're very contagious. Oh, wait, you weren't talking about that . . . :oD

Skinnyontheinside said...

Oh Michell, I DO LOVE you SOOOOO much and I love reading your blog.

Yara said...

you are so contagious. But it's okay, cuz blogging is fun. And in case you ad not realized it; I do so love reading your blog

Tara H. said...

I love your blogs. They help me everyday. I have become a better wife and mother partly from what I have learned from you and your other readers...I visit their blogs too...Anyways...thanks for blogging!!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog also. You never know what you're going to read - from the product recommendations : ), the stories of your family and kids, dieting, etc. It's all entertaining. Keep blogging and we'll keep reading.


Michelle said...

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Thank you for the kind words. I love knowing everyone is reading and enjoying what I read. I also read yours!