Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This Little Light of Mine

Do you have a family Bible study?

Some times we are good at it, and other times we fail miserably at discipling our children in this way. We are currently in one of those good cycles.

The other night during our Bible study I was blessed beyond measure.

Jeff and I usually split the Bible study. Meaning, one time I'll do it, then he'll do it for a while, then I'll do a few, then he will do it.

I like mine more and I like to think that all the kids do too. And if you asked them I can guarantee you they would take my side. But I'm getting sidetracked.

Jeff actually does a "Bible" study...actually straight out of the Bible. He reads a passage and then we discuss it...I'm yawning just thinking about it.

Anyway, I wasn't suppose to be complaining about Jeff, I was suppose to be telling you how blessed I was.

So we are sitting there doing one of Jeff's wonderful (ly boring) Bible studies. We had sung some songs and Millicent wanted to sing one. But she couldn't remember the name of the song or the words. We asked her to sing it. She started singing some song. Her wonderful (ly handsome) father started singing with her. It was so precious. Oh man. Daddies and their girls.

As if that wasn't enough.

When we were done with our Bible study the girls got to pick another song. This time Millicent just plain made up a song. (I'm pretty sure she had done that the first time too.) Her daddy started singing it with her again.

Man. Makes me glad to have married him. Makes me glad my daughters have him. Makes me glad God loves me so much that He blessed me with Jeff.


Yara said...

oh how sweet : )

Yara said...

notice how soon I am up this morning & reading your blog? hee hee

Tara H. said...

That is so sweet. I agree Daddys with their daughters are precious. Jack and CJ are best friends. The other night she hurt her toe. I had to doctor it up and put ice on it and lay her down, but when all was said and done she called for "Daddy". He came in to see what she needed (with me right there) and all she wanted was a kiss and hug from him! He is so precious with her and I know the feeling you are talking about when you get to see love in action. It just warms the heart!

Michelle said...

Yes, it is so sweet.

Why are you up early?

That is sweet Tara! She just wanted her daddy.

Blue Castle said...

What a sweet family moment. :)

I relate so much to how you mention being in a "good cycle". :) I get discouraged sometimes when things aren't consistently going the way I want them too, but it's very true that all of life is filled with cycles and if I can just learn to go with that, it would be a good thing.

Michelle said...

Yea,remembering that it's just a valley and we'll be through it IF we just let God have his way in us. I always try to go around. Well I'm just going to have to keep going through that trial until I learn from it. LOL.