Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Going to Drop Her Off at Preschool

And preschool is actually in the school room.

Millicent really is going to start preschool though. We are all super excited.

As far as homeschooling goes, we are pretty low key. We understand that children learn at their own pace. What your 11 year old knows, mine may not. And the math that my 11 year old loves, may be too technical for yours. Whatever.

We aren't trying to teach her to read according to any time table, though if she learns, great. No, we are just trying to have school with her.

To that end, each week she will have a letter of the week, number and shape. During her time with both Ashlea and Kori, they will also do school with her.

I'm just really excited.

I found these websites for activities to go along with our letter:

Toddler Activities


Bembos Zoo

GO TO BEMBO'S ZOO. It is so fun. We do it all the time here. Millicent loves, loves, loves it. And oddly enough, so do Kati and Kori.


Anonymous said...

that's funny! (bembo's zoo) Wes found that the other day online (during his Christmas break from school). Not sure how he found it, but both kid's loved it! going to check out the other links. :)

Wani said...

thanks for the links. I've got a 3 1/2 year old son that I'm casually pre-home-schooling. I'll be a little more organized about it next year (probably).

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

When they learn at their own pace they end up loving to learn and eating up every bit of information they can get! My youngest one didn't really read until 8 or 9 and he's 10 now. He can tell you about any war that ever happened and can build anything! It's great to be a relaxed homeschooler!

Blue Castle said...

I love relaxed homeschooling. It's worked really well for my two boys. Way to go, starting your kids off right. :)

Michelle said...

iateanapple! SO GLAD YOU GOT A BLOG. I'll visit yours in a bit.

That bembo's zoo is so fun.

Relaxed homeschooling...that is what we do. We arent quite unschoolers though. But we are school at home.

Thanks for replying ladies!

Michelle said...

Meant to say ARENT school at home.