Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

Date Nights

We use to have regular date nights, with Ashlea watching all the kids but the youngest. Now that she is either in school every night or at work, we don't have as many. We aren't thrilled with leaving our children with other people, so that's not really an option most of the time. So we've had to get creative.

Kati's room has a baby gate so the littlest ones can't go in and destroy her room.

When we want to have a date we send them to her room for a couch date. The gate helps them to stay in. If they cry for us, we go get them. The gate mainly reminds them to stay in that part of the house.

We offer Kati and Kori $1.50 each if they all stay back there for the duration. And less if they come up. We don't take off for Asa though.

Then we have a meal that Jeff picks up on the way home and watch a movie. We talk and pause the movie as much as we advantage to the theater.

Meanwhile the girls are suppose to play with the smaller children in their room. Last time they played and played with Millicent and kept her busy and happy. Kori makes them sandwiches and we pop popcorn before Jeff gets home, so they are set.

Our last couch date went really well and Millicent stayed in their room the whole time.

How do you manage dates with little ones and no one to babysit?


Marcy said...

Well, we have not had any official "date" nights. We just hang out together every night! But this Friday we are going to Ron's work Christmas party since he is getting recognized for his upcoming 10th anniversary with the company. (otherwise we wouldn't even go to the party at all) So my neighbor Casey is going to watch Ronnie. She has a little guy the same age, so Ronnie will have someone to play with, and he'll be in a different place. So that should keep him busy until we get back. Just praying he does well since we probably won't get back until 10:30.

Michelle said...

FUN! That's nice to have someone you are close to to trade babysitting.