Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cute address labels

Have you tried VistaPrint yet?

They are awesome! They have the cutest caricatures for address labels. Every year for Christmas I have the labels made up. If you are on our list, be sure to note how much they look like us. They have lots of options, face size and shape, hairstyles and colors, nose, everything. It's fun. You can have them made into note cards and notepads too. The best part of the address labels is that they are free. You just pay shipping. I ordered mine yesterday and they were under $4.

One year I made rubber stamps into book stamps. Super cool! Instead of having the address placed on the stamp I had it printed with:

This book belongs to Kati (with her middle name)

From the library of Ashlea


We did middle names so they could use their books stamps even after they were married.

This makes a great stocking stuffer for book lovers. They LOVED them. Kati and Kori use their stamps the moment they get a new book.

You can get the first one free but additional ones cost about $6. Well worth it!


Marcy said...

That is so cool! I do remember your address labels from last year, I thought that was SO cute! I'm gonna go check it out!

Tara H. said...

how do i get on your list?!

Jen said...

I played around with those address labels a while ago. It was fun! DH's looked the most like him. I even put the dog and cats on it!