Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Favorite Traditions

I decided to get my family's opinions on Christmas around here. Prepare to be amazed.

Mom: What is your favorite tradition?

Ashlea: Um. Baking Day. (Like all teenagers, everywhere, that's all I got.)

Mom: Can you share a little about baking day?

Ashlea: No.

Mom: Do it anyway.

Ashlea: We spend all day baking. We take what we bake and give it to people. I like to bake.

Guess that's clear.
Advent candles courtesty of Ashlea
Kori: Opening one Christmas present on Christmas Eve.

Mom: Why is that your favorite?

Kori: Because I think it's really, really fun to open a present before it's actually Christmas. But that's just one of my favorites.

Mom: Can you think of a present that you opened on Christmas eve that you really enjoyed?

Kori: I really I can't think of one.

Go figure.

Kati: Doing Advent.

Mom: What do you like about advent?

Kati: That we get to draw from the box and read Jotham's Journey. And we get to do baking day.

Mom: What's your favorite thing we make on baking day?

Kati: Well...I should say, rice krispie treats.

Kati's favorite things always involve food. She can tell you exactly how to make rice krispie treats, even though we only make them once a year.

Mom: What do you like about Christmas Millicent?

Mill: Open the present.

Mom: Then what do you do?

Mill: Do the candles.

Mom: Then what?

Mill: Don't know.

She does love opening the presents for Advent.

Jeff: When we go to eat Outback on Christmas.

He would say that because he started that tradition.

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