Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boring Christmas Lights....made FUN!

picture courtesy of achievesuccess.com/au

One winter week, a few years ago, a few days before Christmas we started a new tradition of looking at Christmas lights. Sounds boring huh? NOT in ANY way is this a boring tradition. In fact, our tradition is so fun that Kori has told Millicent about it every time we go to town, it seems.

We wait till everyone is in bed.

We pop some popcorn and heat up some hot chocolate.

Jeff has the van running, heating up the interior and carries blankets out to it.

We then go wake up the children and tell them to get in the van.

We hand out bags of popcorn and mugs of hot chocolate.

Then we listen to Christmas music and drive all over town looking at lights.

And they NEVER know which day we will get them up to go.



sandy said...

That sounds like a lot of fun:)

Michelle said...

That sounds like fun! I bet the anticipation kills them.

Skinnyontheinside said...

That is the best idea for looking at the lights. I LOVE it!

Diana said...

This is our CHRISTmas eve tradition, minus the jammies and the popcorn (though that might be a nifty add to the event.) We go to CHRISTmas eve services and then we head out to a few streets that we know to go above and beyond the call of decorating. We stop for hot chocolate/tea or coffee on our way too. It's the single untouched tradition of our immediate family that we enjoy every year and look forward to. This year there is a house in my mom's neighborhood that is hooked up to some short wave radio station and you tune your car radio to it and as you pull up the lights on the house "dance" to the CHRISTmas music playing. Much fun!

Michelle said...

We really enjoy it! Yes the anticipation is crazy for the kids. And it really kills them when I make popcorn as a late night snack. Bwahhhaaaahaaa.

Diana, I wish we had Christmas Eve services at our church every year. This year we will cause it falls on Wednesday, but we dont every year. BOO! I love it!

Carol said...

Wish I'd thought of that when mine were little. Now I'm in bed before them 'cause I just can't stay up that late anymore. Even if I could, once they're asleep they can't be awakened without me fearing for my life. Teenagers! Hrumph!

What a fun tradition!!