Monday, December 1, 2008

Money Saving Monday

Well I finally got all my coupons clipped and (almost) organized. I'm really grateful for all the helpful comments I received on the methods you use to organize your coupons. I ended up with a notebook divided alphabetically then categorically.

But I have discovered I have two dilemmas and I need your help again. Here we go:

When I am shopping at Walgreens and they have a product that is giving Register Rewards, like last weeks Venus razors, how many times can/should I go back and purchase that product? AND how do I do it? I had five $4 off coupons. Each razor gave $6 back, making the razor free. So how do you go about using all your coupons and getting five free razors? Do you just keep going back until you've spent them all, going through the same line? It just feels weird to me.

Also, I have a grocery store that doubles coupons, but they only double the first coupon. It only makes the pasta free if I have the coupon doubled. So how do I go about getting two jars of pasta (or in the case from a few weeks ago, four) with two coupons? Do I go back through the line twice? It seems weird. And since I always have Asa with me, and someone else unloads my groceries, I kind of have to put him in his car seat.

I'll tell you what I've been doing. I've sent Ashlea several times...she doesn't get it right or gets nothing at all. I've gone back later in the week. I don't like any of my options.

So someone please tell me how you overcome these obstacles for your savings. Thank you.


Yara said...

last year when you sent me the link to those Poly Pockets
what my mom & I were doing was
going into TRU
using a coupon
going to put bags in car
going back
using a coupon

last week I had 2 coupons for free eggs & milk
I was simply going to have Lisa pay for 1 & purchase a bunch of celery, so she was buying & could use the coupon; technically they cant fight you on that ; )
So if you shop with all the kids, you can use more coupons, just have to divide the purchase and give each child the money or whatever
hth a bit

eally said...

Hey girl! THanks for the heads up about registering with TGIFriday's and Lonestar for birthday goodies (and thanks for the birthday wishes!)
Yes!! By all means check out as many times as you need to!
I have checked out up to seven times in a line before - I tell the cashier I will be making 7 (or 4, or 5, or whatever) different purchases and they always say "okay, no problem." If their line starts getting long behind me and no other registers open up, I do have the courtesy to move out of the way and let others go on ahead of me to clear the line a little bit. The ONLY time there was ever an issue with this was at Walmart and that was when I was trying to use 5 of the same coupons which would have given me 5 items free. The young cashier said I couldn't do that so I told her to ring them up separately then (even though I knew she was wrong) and she still told me I couldn't do that because I was the same customer. I said "Your cash register doesn't know I am the same customer and I could very easily go get in another cashier's line and do this purchase so I think you need to call a manager over because you are wrong." She called a manager over and found out she was wrong and all worked out good. But anyway, yes if I were you ring things up in separate transactions if that works out better money-wise for you!

Michelle said...

Well I'm not going to be concerned anymore...I'm just gonna do it!