Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

We don't have many Thanksgiving traditions because we are usually gone for the holiday. We usually go to Jeff's family and have a huge dinner with all the extended family.

On years past I have made a meal with everyones favorite foods, but I don't plan to continue that tradition.

Otherwise, we have our thankful box. It's not actually a box, oddly enough. It's a pitcher, decorated, with a lid. It's inside of a big wooden box though. It's our tradition that works for us.

Whenever the mood strikes a member of our family they write on a slip of paper what they are thankful for. Then place it in the "box".

The first chance we get after Thanksgiving, we read from the slips. So we have a years worth of things to be thankful for.

We sure do get some funny ones.

This year we are going to dig up our time capsule that we buried 2-3 years ago. Since we are going to move this will probably be our last Thanksgiving here. We buried it as part of our celebration and want to dig it up then too. Pray we can find it. The map wasn't very thorough.

Please let me know what you do for Thanksgiving traditions. We need more.


Skinnyontheinside said...

When and where are you moving too? Or is that still a secret?

Christy said...

yeah were are you moving to?? and why i love your house!!!

Yara said...

moving? more info please

Michelle said...

LOL. Yes, our house is currently on the market...and we are planning to move once it sells. Please pray that God would move soon...too hard to keep the house clean. LOL.

We do plan to stay in this area, so not going far.

What we plan to do, we still arent telling. I'm sure you'll all think we are crazy. but hey, you already do. What's new?

We love our house too Christy! It is totally an amazing house. Fantastic view. Great neighbors (LOL, none). Anyway, we really feel like the decisions we are making are totally God led. You'll understand when we unveil our master plan. Hehhehe

Christy said...

yeah i so wanted your house when we were in OK but chad wanted something with more land i tell ya thou if we were still there i would consider it! and i bet i know what y'all are gonna do but i will keep my big fat mouth shut lol! good luck with the sell thou!!

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

I love your idea of a "thankful box". What a beautiful way to encourage a thankful attitude all year round. :) Maybe we can start our own next year when my son starts talking a little more.

Angie said...

Sorry for the unrelated comment, but you won a giveaway on my blog and I didn't have a way to contact you.

Drop me an email to get your prize!