Friday, November 21, 2008

1000 Blessings

11. It's such a blessing to have a church that celebrates together. We had our Thanksgiving songfest this past Sunday. I love the food and I love hearing all the songs that our members chose.

12. Having children who help is wonderful. While everyone was sick Kati was so sweet. She looked out for everyone and tried to get them things.

13. Having family that cares about me on my birthday. My kids and husband made a big production about my birthday. Some years, when I was younger, my birthday went by without anyone noticing. Now it's celebrated. And my mother and sister-in-law have never forgotten it.

14. I'm thankful for my van. We hit a dog last night and messed up the front end. But I have that van and I love it. How much worse my life would be if I didn't have it. It seats eight.

15. Cleaning and (now) cooking day. It makes me feel like I've earned my down time. My house looks great. And I feel great.

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