Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vacation...Time to Get Away

You know the song...and since I can't stop singing it I thought I would make the song play over and over in your head too.

But I have a real reason for this post.

I need some vacation road trip ideas. Not places to go...Julie over at Curing Cold Feet already booked our vacation. (FOR FREE! She did all the work and I just told her what I wanted and how much I had to spend. Please go see her for your vacation needs.) And we leave in ONE week...yes, one week!!!!

I need ideas for what to do on the drive. I LOVE this type of planning.

Already I have a bag with toys/games/prizes and snacks. Every hour we play Bingo to win a prize. Then we do a sort of "what's behind bag number 2" where you get to pick from the prize I showed you or pick another bag. (One year Hannah got underwear...tehehe.)

Every hour I give out a snack and a new set of stuff to play with. So every 30 minutes we have something going on. But this is going to be a longer trip (nope, not telling where we are going) and I need more activities.

Also, they will get money to spend in convenience stores, where we will be stopping often because of Asa.

So tell me ALL your ideas. Anything you do to make trips funner (I've often wondered if that's really a word). Anything to pass the time. Games, puzzles, printables. Whatever. We want this vacation to be the most fun because Ashlea is going off to college. We want her to love us before she goes. (If that's possible.)

And an SOS. This past week someone blogged about a vacation notebook for the kids. Anyone read that and know where to find it?


Anonymous said...

I have small littles, so we see how many license plates of each color we can find while we're driving. For older ones you could see how many states they can find. We also try to get truckers to honk. We try to make words out of license plate numbers/letters. We try to guess what songs other people are listening to. We try to guess what is in EVERY car on trains we wait on, and every response must be unique to that train. We see how many vehicles of a certain color we can find in two minutes. Yellows are easy to see. We count to see how many hawks are on fenceposts for the next five miles. Who can find the first gas station or green truck or _____? I will start a sentence and the next person has to finish it and start another related sentence to be finished by the next person, etc. When all else fails, we bring crayons and coloring books and drawing paper. But if you do this, learn from me - Bring crayons in out of the car heat or they WILL melt! If you let them draw in the car, they can draw a picture of what MIGHT be around the next curve. Hope this helps :)
Dawn Segerson

Christy said...

so where are you going huh huh??? j/k i would not wanna say on my blog either!! chad will be home tomarrow so we are gonna kinda be on vacation ;)BTW i tagged ya on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

my mother-in-law makes crafts/snacks for our kids to open on our long drives home (military family) they consist of things you have already mentioned, but having them individually wrapped with each kid's name on it (with what time to open it) makes it a little more vacation presents:)

Michelle said...

Great ideas. Keep 'em coming!