Friday, October 31, 2008

Survivor (Don't read if you havent watched last nights episode)

OH MAN!!! Are they stupid? I know they are real people. So because of that I try to refrain from saying anything that might hurt their feelings, if they were to stumble across my blog. BUT are they stupid? They just voted off their most powerful player. What was Sugar thinking????? He kept her in this game. She was probably watching the show along with the rest of us and kicking herself for her stupid, stupid choice. Seriously, he went to bat for her so many times.

AND he's strong and smart. How are they going to win challenges now?

I know, he caused this himself with the talk about "I gave you the immunity idol and I'll give it back again". But couldn't she see through it all to the truth?

Rant over.

What did you think of last night? Wasnt Bob sweet just boo hooing over his letters from home. Bob is going to the final four. I'm right on, so far.

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