Friday, October 31, 2008

Family Friday

1000 Blessings
1. Jesus my savior, for pulling me out of the muck and mire to give me a new life and make me a new creation.
2. Jeff, sent to me in the perfect time, exactly when I needed him in my life the most. More precious to me today than he was 4 years ago.
3. Ashlea, my almost adult daughter, who has been my friend and helper for a very long time.
4. Kori, who is usually so optimistic and helpful.
5. Kati, who is just so much like me in so many ways.
I found this on The Junk Drawer and decided to copy. Flattery, indeed. This was genius. I love it.
I can look back over the days, weeks, months and be reminded of my blessings.
Please join me. I would love for you to post your blessings on your blog and let me know, so I can rejoice with you.

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