Saturday, October 11, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday

I love to scrapbook of course, but sometimes it seems a little daunting. Anyone else feel that way? Anyone else feel like no matter how much scrapping you do you'll never be caught up?

Somewhere along the way I figured out that I can do the same page for different years. Let me explain.

When Jeff and I were dating I did a date night page, with the movie tickets I had saved. EVERYONE saves that stuff when they are dating, right? But when the marriage is going on, no one saves stuff anymore. But JEFF, not knowing that, had been saving our ticket stubs. He gave them to me one day. So I decided to scrapbook them. I mean, he had gone to all the trouble of saving them for me. (Isn't he the sweetest???)

Since I had already done a date night in our engagement album, I thought I would just follow that same theme. Put the tickets down, make a few comments, title it: Date Night. All done. Easy Peasy! So now, every year I do a date night page. It rounds up our year. And they are all the same, but a little different.

As you can see from the page above, I'm glad to have that as a memory.

Now I've decided I can do that for other things that happen every year. I mean, the story is the same, the pictures are the same, the time is the same. So: Frontier City, Mother's Day at the zoo, Octoberfest party...I'll just pick a layout, a title and do it the same every year. Whew! No more thinking up creative titles, or finding new ways to arrange the pictures. Now it will be a tradition...and hey, I love traditions.

Have you done something similar? Can you show me by linking to your page?

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Tara Holzhauer Hall said...

Michelle, I also scrapbook (when I find the time). I prefer themed scrapbooks because I find it easier to do.

I have one scrapbook titled "Oh, the places we go!" and the pages are solely from vacations, weekends away, day trips near here, visiting family, etc.