Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Battle the Bulge

So, I didn't do as good as I would have liked on vacation. I started off like a champ, having a good breakfast and an easy lunch. But after a few days, I pretty much was eating whatever I want.

At my in-laws, we are having a weight loss competition. If you lose any weight, and someone else has a gain, you owe them $5. So far there has only been one week that I haven't owed. Last night, according to their scale, I had only gained 2 lbs. So if I really only gained 2 lbs, I'm ecstatic. I thought for sure I had gained five or more.

But I'm back on the bad wagon today. I'm gonna lose 2 lbs this week. I've got to get serious. Keep my eye on the prize. My prize is getting to have another baby.

Join us and let me know how it's going for you. I won't charge you $5 if you gain.

1 comment:

Amber (Bringing Good Home) said...

Eating well on vacation is always hard. Sounds like you didn't do TOO bad if it was only 2 lbs.

That 5$ thing is harsh! =)