Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday

I should have some time for scrapbooking today and I hope you do too. I did get my desk organized though....mostly.

Today's All About Me challenge is your dedication page. The dedication page is what should start all your scrapbooks. But I have a hard time doing that for all my scrapbooks. But your AAM should definitely have one, even if your others don't. It shouldn't be terribly hard to write it though. Just discuss the reason for your album, tell a little about yourself today and include a recent picture. Don't forget to include the date. I did forget to include the date. I talked about not having any grey hair and now I have grey hair (which I love) and don't remember when I didn't. I'm so old I can't remember. Just kidding...about the being old part. I really don't remember though.

If you do todays challenge be sure to come back and comment and link back to it.

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