Friday, September 26, 2008

Family Friday

Today we went to garage sales again. Kati was out of money, but Ashlea, Kori and Millicent found some good things.

Ashlea found "Never Been Kissed" for a dollar, and a cute zip up (lightweight) jacket.

Kori got a couple things for her miniature shelf and some beads.

Millicent is crazy about garage sales! She got a blow up slide (that I'm sure will just last a few days around here), a little tiny piano that plays songs and a swing for her baby dolls.

I found some great buys too.

Some really cute, brand new, clothes for Millicent. A new dress, new pants, and two almost new pairs of jeans. Plus several pair of really nice PJ's for this winter.

Asa got several pairs of pants, some shirts and a NICE jean jacket.

I got a nice pair of slacks. Asa got a like new pair of Airwalks, which his Dad loves. Also a like new Little People playground...for Millicent's Christmas. In the middle of the summer I found one of those wooden boxes with the beads for Asa, for Christmas. Am I the only one who buys Christmas presents at garage sales? Hey if they look new....

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The Happy Housewife said...

No you are not the only one. I wish I could buy all our gifts at garage sales. Some years are better than others. Great finds!