Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scrapbook Saturday

Today I'm going to organize my scrap desk. Is there anyone besides me that spends an inordinate amount of time organizing their stuff and not nearly enough time scrapping? I think I'd have tons of books completed if I didn't feel the need to rearrange stuff all the time. Hopefully the obsession with buying scrap supplies and rearrange them doesn't reside only with me.

Lately though, when I've had a spare minute to scrap, I've done just that. So my desk is really quite messy. I was going to take a picture but my batteries are dead and my charger isn't charging. (I just bought a new one at Walgreen's yesterday...FYI, they have a $5 MIR for $10 in qualifying purchases on rechargeable batteries.)

Oh yea, I'm rambly today. But I haven't forgotten what I'm talking about. Organizing. Yes, that was it, right?

So I'm going to organize my scrap desk today. I probably wont have time to scrap.

Challenge for All About Me: Television. What do you watch on TV? What are your favorite shows? Is there something you never miss? How long have you watched it? Do you record it, TIVO it or watch live? Do you watch with friends, or by yourself? Do you let your kids watch TV? How much time do you spend watching?

I've done this challenge and it was really fun finding pictures to put on my page. If I get my batteries charged, I'll post.

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