Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Friday

Today is a short, sweet post. We are going to garage sales. I am looking for winter clothes for all the girls, books, homeschool materials and kitchen cooking tools.

Today is also our 3rd field trip this week.

First we went to the GOP office for a class on the election. Yesterday we went to the newspaper office for a walk through the office. Today we are going skating.

Don't forget to go on field trips with your homeschool kids. They are really important. For educational purposes and for fun.


Bonnie said...

did you have any luck with the garage sales???? I LOVE garage sales (o:

Michelle said...

No clothes!!! Asa is busting out of his 9-12 month clothes. Guess we need to go out again on Friday in hopes of finding him some stuff.

But I did find some books. And we LOVE books around here. A ton of movies for $1 and $2.

Millicent got a stroller for her dolls. That was about it though.